Watch: Every Gio Reyna touch from his milestone game

ESPN's 5-minute montage of Gio Reyna's action, which included the 17-year-old's first Bundesliga goal and earning a PK, in Borussia Dortmund's 3-0 win over Borussia Monchengladbach makes for entertaining viewing.

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  1. frank schoon, September 22, 2020 at 9:08 a.m.

    This is an excellent video to show what Gio needs to work on and I hope they have someone working with him on this.
    At 1:13 of this video, he's positioned wrong ,his back facing downfield, worse he's facing the sideline ,thereby he has no fieldview other than his view of the passer ,he can't open up to receive the ball because he is positioned wrong, he doesn't see the open man in a much better position 3 meters away with a excellent fieldview . All Gio had to do was one-touch to the open man with a better fieldview but instead he elects to hold on the ball, falls down because he doesn't have good body balance and doesn't shield the ball properly. His falling occurs way to many times during the game telling me he needs to work on his body balance.

    This whole situation should have been improved if Haaland would have made a horizontal run towards the middle taking his man with him and thereby not avoiding off-sides. This would have created 2v1 situation with Gio and the open man in favor of Dortmunt . In other words the pass from the back beats a defender but Gio, instead of one-touching it to the open man and making a run downfield, elects to receive the ball allowing the opponent that just got beat by the pass recover and take Gio on with the ball.

    Haaland made the mistake of not running away thereby making the situation worse by creating a 3v3 situation in a small area.  Germans as a whole are not good in small spaces ,they prefer to operate in open spaces ,that's why counter-attacking has always been a mainstay of German soccer. Haaland should have cleared out..

    At 1:39, again Gio has his back is facing downfield and only has eye for the ball and nothing else and one-touches it back which does absolutely nothing. Instead he could have one-touched into space to a player about 10meters to his left who has excellent field view facing downfield and could have made a run with the ball, another missed attacking opportunity. 

    At 3:23, Again, his back facing downfield receives the ball and wants to hold on to it even if there are 3 opponents going at him. He should have this time one-touched back to the back who had better fieldview while Gio had drawn 3man to him.
    Gio ,like his father, likes to receive the ball first and then decides to do something with it next. A smart defender should know that Gio like to receive the ball to his feet first and that requires strong body balance while shielding. I remember Claudio Reyna's last world cup game where the ball was stolen right off his foot because of the pattern of receiving the ball first resulting in a goal.

  2. frank schoon, September 22, 2020 at 9:54 a.m.

    The pattern I noticed with Gio's play is that he needs to position his body better for quicker follow up action for the ball to move quicker. Having his back facing downfield doesn't do well for him. He needs to position his body in a manner so that he can see the passer and the next station he will pass to at the same time. Instead he is so fixated on the ball and thereby foregoing the other options that could improve the flow of the game.  By how Gio plays at midfield he does not increase the tempo of the game but slows it down by how he positions for the ball , waits for the ball to come to his feet, and his passes do not beat opponents but instead he moves the ball around with not real forethought.

    At 9:12, again his back facing downfield, one-touches to the open man, and then makes a run in manner that his direct opponent can see him and the Dortmunt player with the ball. Instead he should made a run behind his opponent forcing the opponent to either follow Gio and lose fieldview of the Dortmunt player with the ball. But instead Gio ran in front of his opponent who can the Dortmunt player with the ball, thereby allowing the opponent to pick up the free Dortmunt player with the ball. The manner of Gio's run creates a blockage near the sideline by creating a 3v3 situation instead of 2v2 which would be much better for Dortmunt.

    Note after passing to the open man Gio makes his run ,asks for the ball to come to his feet with his back facing downfield, worse facing the sidelines , right in front of the opponent and as a result falls on his butt again because of his lack of body balance. And NOTE, Haaland has a BAD habit of always wanting to come to the ball. If he had made a CONTRA-RUN run away from the ball ,he would have taken the left centerback with him allowing the other Dortmunt player behind him to make a wide open run towards the goal. But the way Gio wrongly positions himself would not have seen this, anyway, which tell me that Gio does not think and very reactionary in his style of play.

    At 11:09 again ,he has his back facing downfield and totally overlooks all the space(downfield). And what does he do? , he elects to receive the ball FIRST to his feet instead of allowing to go with it into open space and make an open run.

    At 11:30  note how fixated with having only eyes on the ball. If he looked how he's positioned he would have seen he is blocking the passing lane to wing. He ends up playing the ball back to  the centerback instead the wing further down who is WIDE OPEN. This is a wasted attacking opportunity because doesn't have immediate awareness around him....NEXT POST.

  3. frank schoon, September 22, 2020 at 9:55 a.m.

     This is just some of examples for I don't want to go any deeper in to this but as you watch this video, he needs a lot of work. That he can score a goal is not really what is important here but his overal play, his positioning ,his stance in how he receives the ball as RELATED to his follow up movements , pass or run. He need to work on his passes, speedwise, and efficiency and functionall wise, his passes need to beat opponents and his manner and his movement of play need to be more up tempo...and he also need to work on his left foot...

  4. Matthew Shaddock, September 22, 2020 at 5:25 p.m.


    Lighten up, dude. Dude just scored his first Bundesliga goal at an age most of us were playing HS ball. 

  5. frank schoon, September 22, 2020 at 7:57 p.m.

    Matthew, don't compare Gio to a 17 yr old high school soccer  kid here to a 17 year old  in Europe playing pro ball on a top team . He lives in a totally different environment where his expectations and demands of playing is way beyond our 17 yr old hs types. Besides  he will be playing for the USMNT as well and therefore he is to be judged on a higher standard.

    The euphoria of scoring his first  goal is fine but now he needs to get on with the business of learning to play better for that in the end is much more important than the goal he scored.  This is how 17yr olds playing for Ajax are taught for it is a job and a career to be taken serious....

  6. humble 1, September 23, 2020 at 1:39 p.m.

    Sign of a young player.  Still growing into the game.  Key will be - does he get the right guidance.  Seeing the game is an art.  Teaching a player to or a player learning to see the game especially at the speed of pro game - a nuance.  If teacher and/or player are able to 'see' then the next step depends on players first touch - of course - once you see the game - can you physically receive the ball such that you are able to position yourseld according to the optimal next play?  Of course then there is the 'decision' - can you think quick enough?  He will do it - will take time.  Maybe Germany is a stepping stone.  He will do it. 

  7. frank schoon replied, September 23, 2020 at 3:57 p.m.

    Humble, what this says is that his coaching ,all along, has not been good and realize he's been around the better coaches most of his development, including the NTs over the years. Be that as it may, in Germany I expect their coaching to be more detailed and better but considering the time he has spend there sofar I'm disappointed in what I have seen . Just watching him tells me ,they either don't see it on what have I pointed out or just has bad coaching, there.

    The faults that  I noticed are easily trainable to get rid and of some of the other aspect takes a little more insight and growth for him to understand. He has a bad habit of asking for the ball and always having his back facing downfield, thereby not aware of what is happening downfield. Note , how he has his arms down, hunched over asking for the ball. He does this everytime, it's so predictable. His body as a result is not balanced and therefore he tends to fall on his butt when pushed.   I can understand him doing this only to see if he can draw an opponent to him, sucking him in, and all of a sudden make a run behind the opponent and call for the ball but he doesn't do that.

    When he asks for the ball he doesn't take into account his next pass or station where the ball should go next and that's so obvious by his stands as always facing the player with the ball which makes it difficult for him to make a quick follow up action by the way he is hunched over.  He wants the ball first and he doesn't and doesn't take into account who is in best in position to pass to make the flow of play faster. He does not raise the tempo of play. His passes never beats an opponent which is so important for a midfielder to do. He needs to learn to position off the ball better , not only in manner that he can receive the ball in the most efficient manner but also release it to the player who is in the best position to further the attack. This kind of stuff can be taught, it's not rocket science, but considering he's been there now long enough to be able to play more functional, I haven't seen it.

    BTW. Remember what we talked about tactics and directy related to the game. I was thinking about you as I wrote this. Watch the video, click on Youtube so you can see the clock and then follow what I said on each moment of time. This will give you some more insight and perhaps teach your kid 

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