What They're Saying: Ashlyn Harris

“There’s no surprise that a lot of things were surfacing on the Internet of the Houston team not doing their job social distancing and being out and about without masks. After what we went through and the guidelines we have been going and abiding by -- we don’t leave our home. We don’t go to restaurants; we don’t go out in public. We limit our grocery store [trips] once a week. This has been difficult, and to see people out and about, not taking our safety into account after the traumatic experience we had, I don’t blame players just saying, ‘No, it’s not for me, I’m not going.’ And that’s what Kristen and Syd did and it sucks and this is the reality. But this is COVID. Everyone has to do the right thing and whether they do or don’t, you know, we can’t do anything about it. But when it comes to health and safety, everyone has to make their own individual decision and we support that. And so does our club; our club completely supports it.”

-- Orlando Pride captain Ashlyn Harris on the decision of teammates Sydney Leroux and Kristen Edmond to skip the trip to Houston for Saturday's NWSL Fall Series match against the Dash after a Houston player tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday and other Houston players were seen on social media mingling at a restaurant without masks. The Pride was forced to withdraw from the NWSL Challenge Cup because of a COVID-19 outbreak in June. Harris said the Pride had households separated and children test positive and still has players "who are not 100 percent" after testing positive for COVID-19. (Orlando Sentinel)
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