What They're Saying: Keith Rowley

“I think we all now need to study the 2,000-year events of the Pyrrhic wars to figure out how it all might end. Pyrrhos was indeed king of the Molossians and also of Epirus. However, Rome still stands so what does the future hold? Success that comes at such a high price and at other people’s expense sometimes results in the price of the ‘victory’ proving too costly to have been worth it. In that case what happens when the powerful king wins the battle but the thousands of subjects lose?”

-- Trinidad & Tobago prime minister Keith Rowley on the Trinidad & Tobago Football Association's Pyrrhic victory -- a landmark High Court ruling in favor of TTFA president William Wallace and "United TTFA," which sued to prevent FIFA from having a normalization committee run TTFA affairs. FIFA has banned Trinidad & Tobago from all international competition. As Rowley added, the TTFA might be free of FIFA's "colonial" rule and T&T teams are free to play among themselves but nobody else is allowed to play them. (Facebook)
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  1. :: SilverRey ::, October 15, 2020 at 3:18 p.m.

    FIFA overstepped their bounds by trying to take over, but the hubris of T&T to muddy their FA requires real attention.

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