NWSL: Eight U.S. women's national team stars made available in Expansion Draft

NWSL teams announced the players they have protected and those made available in the NWSL Expansion Draft, which will take place next Thursday.

Here's what Racing Louisville can do:

-- Select up to two players, or one U.S. Allocated Player, from each NWSL team;
-- Select up to two U.S. Allocated Players in total.

NWSL teams were allowed to protect up to 11 players, including two U.S. Allocated Players. They will receive $75,000 for each U.S. Allocated Player lost. In turn, Louisville will receive $75,000 for each U.S. Allocated Player allotment not utilized.

Chicago conducted a trade with Louisville, sending Japanese international Yuki Nagasato and American Savannah McCaskill and other considerations to Louisville to receive complete roster protection in the draft.

Eight U.S. women's national team players who are Allocated Players were left unprotected. Most are in their 30s and not expected to play in the NWSL for more than a year or two more.

Portland's Katherine Reynolds and the North Carolina Courage's Jaelene Daniels, one of the NWSL's top outside backs, have announced their retirements.

The Expansion Draft with the Louisville selections will be streamed on next Thursday (7 p.m. ET on Twitch channel)

Full Roster Protection

Protected Players
Jane Campbell
Allysha Chapman (CAN Allocated)
Rachel Daly (International)
Shea Groom
Haley Hanson
Veronica Latsko
Kristie Mewis
Katie Naughton
Megan Oyster
Nichelle Prince (CAN Allocated)
Sophie Schmidt (CAN Allocated)
Unprotected Players
Bridgette Andrzejewski
Chloe Castaneda (College Protected)
Taylor Comeau (Playing Rights)
Nikki Cross (Playing Rights)
Amanda Dennis
Marissa Diggs (Playing Rights)
Jamia Fields
Lindsey Harris
Melissa Henderson (Playing Rights)
Bianca Henninger (Playing Rights)
Savannah Jordan (Playing Rights)
Maegan Kelly
Cecelia Kizer
Christine Nairn
Ally Prisock
Cambria Privett
Erin Simon
Katie Stengel
Brianna Visalli

Protected Players
Abby Dahlkemper (US Allocated)
Debora De Oliveira (International)
Abby Erceg (International)
Kristen Hamilton
Hallie Mace
Merritt Mathias
Jessica McDonald
Casey Murphy
Denise O’Sullivan (International)
Lynn Williams
Samantha Mewis (US Allocated, Playing Rights)
Unprotected Players
Lindsay Agnew
Jaelene Daniels (Playing Rights)
Brianne Folds (College Protected)
Hailey Harbison
Kaleigh Kurtz
Steph Labbe (CAN Allocated)
Samantha Leshnak
McKenzie Meehan
Addisyn Merrick
Lauren Milliet
Sinclaire Miramontez
Heather O’Reilly (Playing Rights)
Cari Roccaro
Katelyn Rowland
Havana Solaun
Meredith Speck
Ally Watt
Ryan Williams

Protected Players
Claire Emslie (International)
Taylor Kornieck
Sydney Leroux
Phoebe McClernon (College Protected)
Jade Moore (International)
Alex Morgan (US Allocated, Playing Rights)
Courtney Petersen
Ali Riley
Emily Sonnett (US Allocated, Playing Rights)
Marta (International)
Marisa Viggiano
Unprotected Players
Kristen Edmonds
Caitlin Farrell (Playing Rights)
Joanna Fennema (Playing Rights)
Caitlin Foord (Playing Rights)
Ashlyn Harris (US Allocated)
Alanna Kennedy (International)
Abi Kim (College Protected)
Ali Krieger (US Allocated)
Camila Martins Pereira
Erin McLeod (International)
Carson Pickett
Konya Plummer (International)
Toni Pressley
Cheyenne Shorts (College Protected)
Emily Van Egmond (International)
Chelsee Washington
Brittany Wilson
Shelina Zadorsky (CAN Allocated)

Protected Players
Simone Charley
Crystal Dunn (US Allocated)
Lindsey Horan (US Allocated)
Kelli Hubly
Meghan Klingenberg
Natalia Kuikka (International)
Emily Menges
Raquel Rodriguez (International)
Christine Sinclair (CAN Allocated)
Sophia Smith
Morgan Weaver
Unprotected Players
Nadine Angerer (Playing Rights)
Bella Bixby
Celeste Boureille
Marian Dougherty
Brittany Eckerstrom
Marissa Everett
Adrianna Franch (US Allocated)
Tobin Heath (US Allocated, Playing Rights)
Tyler Lussi
Andressa Machry (Playing Rights)
Nikki Marshall (Playing Rights)
Meagan Morris (Playing Rights)
Meaghan Nally
Emily Ogle
Madison Pogach
Hayley Raso (Playing Rights)
Katherine Reynolds (Playing Rights)
Angela Salem
Becky Sauerbrunn (US Allocated)
Gabby Seiler
Katrina Tarr (Playing Rights)
Rachel Van Hollebeke (Playing Rights)
Christen Westphal
Sandra Yu (Playing Rights)

Protected Players
Bethany Balcer
Lauren Barnes
Amber Brooks
Jess Fishlock
Sofia Huerta
Darian Jenkins
Rose Lavelle (US Allocated, Playing Rights)
Allie Long (US Allocated)
Kristen McNabb
Yuka Momiki
Leah Pruitt
Unprotected Players
Morgan Andrews
Julia Ashley
Michelle Betos
Meg Brandt (College Protected)
Mariah Bullock (Playing Rights)
Stephanie Catley (Playing Rights)
Stephanie Cox
Shirley Cruz Trana (International)
Kiersten Dallstream (Playing Rights)
Schuyler Debree (Playing Rights)
Machaela George
Madison Hammond
Sam Hiatt (College Protected)
Kelcie Hedge
Celia Jimenez Delgado (International)
Adrienne Jordan (Playing Rights)
Alyssa Kleiner (Playing Rights)
Theresa Nielsen (Playing Rights, International)
Morgan Proffitt (Playing Rights)
Quinn (International)
Megan Rapinoe (US Allocated)
Taylor Smith
Jasmyne Spencer
Jodie Taylor (Playing Rights)
Rumi Utsugi (Playing Rights)
Abby Wambach (Playing Rights)
Danielle Weatherholt
Rosie White (International)
Lydia Williams (Playing Rights)
Beverly Yanez (Playing Rights)

Protected Players
Imani Dorsey
Nahomi Kawasumi (International)
Amanda McGlynn
Paige Monaghan
Ifeoma Onumonu
Mallory Pugh (US Allocated)
Margaret Purce
Kailen Sheridan (CAN Allocated)
Evelyne Viens (International)
Sarah Woldmoe
McCall Zerboni
Unprotected Players
Nicole Baxter
Melanie Booth (Playing Rights)
Jennifer Cudjoe (International)
Julie Doyle (Playing Rights)
Caprice Dydasco
Elizabeth Eddy
Sabrina Flores
Mandy Freeman
Christina Gibbons (Playing Rights)
Didi Haracic
Megan Hinz
Jennifer Hoy (Playing Rights)
Estelle Johnson
Gina Lewandowski
Carli Lloyd (US Allocated)
Jill Loyden (Playing Rights)
Manya Makoski (Playing Rights)
Dominique Richardson
Kaleigh Riehl
Erica Skroski
Chantelle Swaby (College Protected)
Madison Tiernan (Playing Rights)
Rebecca Tweed (Playing Rights)
Kenie Wright

Protected Players
Elizabeth Ball
Kate Bowen
Rachel Corsie
Kate Del Fava
Tziarra King
Lo’eau Labonta
Kelley O’Hara (US Allocated)
Amy Shilling
Abigail Smith
Michele Vasconcelos
Gabrielle Vincent
Unprotected Players
Nicole Barnhart
Veronica Boquete (International)
Kate Deines (Playing Rights)
Cyera Hintzen (College Protected)
Lauren Holiday (Playing Rights)
Gunnhildur Jonsdottir
Samantha Johnson (Playing Rights)
Amanda Laddish (Playing Rights)
Taylor Leach
Taylor Lytle
Michelle Maemone
Diana Matheson (CAN Allocated)
Sydney Miramontez (Playing Rights)
Madeline Nolf
Christen Press (US Allocated, Playing Rights)
Brittany Ratcliffe
Desiree Scott (CAN Allocated)
Arielle Ship
Raisa Strom-Okimoto
Erika Tymrak (Playing Rights)
Mallory Weber

Protected Players
Dorian Bailey
Aubrey Bledsoe
Jordan DiBiasi
Bayley Feist
Ashley Hatch
Tori Huster
Tegan McGrady
Paige Nielsen
Ashley Sanchez
Sam Staab
Andi Sullivan
Unprotected Players
Jaye Boissiere
Averie Collins
Megan Dougherty Howard
Jenna Hellstrom (International)
Brooke Hendrix
Natalie Jacobs
Devon Kerr
Lori Lindsey (Playing Rights)
Joanna Lohman (Playing Rights)
Katie Lund
Katie McClure
Meghan McCool
Jessie Scarpa
Crystal Thomas
Kumi Yokoyama (International)
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