What They're Saying: Alan Shearer

"If David Luiz has passed all the protocols like Arsenal say he has, how on earth is he allowed back onto the pitch with a wound that is dripping down his face? We're talking about players' welfare here. Football's protocols allow someone who has a cut that is seeping through a bandage that has just been put on to carry on playing and then he has to go off again 20 minutes later because he can't head a ball. Cricket do it, the NFL does it, both codes of rugby do it -- they all have better protocols. We're talking about life and death and players' careers ending. They're on about trialing concussion substitutes. What is there to trial? It's been going on for years. It's not acceptable."

-- Former England striker Alan Shearer, on Match of the Day 2, after Arsenal defender David Luiz was allowed to continue to play after a clash of heads with Wolves forward Raul Jimenez that sent the Mexican star to the hospital. David Luiz was pictured with blood seeping from his head bandage and left the game at halftime. (BBC Sport)
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