Watch: Keeping score at the men's national team camp

Highlights show and Coach Gregg Berhalter  explains how they keep it competitive and fun at U.S. men's national team and U-23 training camp in Bradenton, Florida. Scenes from the second week of camp include goalkeeper handball tennis, small-sided games and a penalty-kick shootout. "Any thing you can get a value number on, we'll compete," Berhalter says. Players' scores are tabulated daily.

"What we see from the players is they're checking the table everyday," Berhalter says. "They're wondering where they're at. They're looking for points. Some are at the bottom and they're upset about it. The ones at the top try and keep their lead.

"It's a really interesting way for us to get another level of engagement when we're having the small-sided games, or game forms. We'll do it for set pieces, for finishing exercises. ... For all the work that the guys are doing and the effort they put in, the least we can do is put them in an enjoyable environment. We want to make sure they have fun in training, and the training tournament is a way to have that fun."

(It starts with attacker Paul Arriola giving goalkeeping a try against Sebastian Lletget.)

2 comments about "Watch: Keeping score at the men's national team camp".
  1. frank schoon, January 28, 2021 at 12:55 p.m.

    WOW! I guess whoever gets the most points, starts. Hey, I got some suggestions in getting points, ,how 'bout a quiz on World Cup soccer, or you get a point who comes out of the locker room first fully dressed out on the field or who has the cleanest room and makes  his bed....

    Can you imagine Zlatan's reaction to this garbage if he was on the US team doing these stupid point games. The only points he's interested in is the ball going into the goal during a real game.

    You know  this is a 'brainchild' idea brought about by some A-licensed 'professor type', some laptop coach who has difficulty taking on a lampost 1v1. This is what ruining soccer when you bring, 'psychologists, mental coaches, professor types who are great in classroom, "ONLY",but have difficulty with the realities required on the field.
    Van Hanegem ,recently, stated to the effect of today's large coaching staff when you at look at how many there are besides the coach on the bench. He stated it is like you need extra bus or plane for the extra number of coaches. He stated that the Irony is that the quality of soccer has not gotten better as Maradona stated as well.

    It seems like we're treating these players like kids, trying to instill some form of competitiveness in in trying to make them better. I got news for them, that's not going to make them better players. Zlatan would chew and spit them out when they get on the field. The important thing is how you can the control the ball and think at the same time while under pressure. Brains, technique, CONFIDENCE, COCKINESS and  ARROGANCE on the ball is not gotten by these 'point' games but is EARNED like Zlatan on the street and hard work. 

    As long as we have these professor types running the show we'll continue having this 'BRILLIANT' ideas being introduced. My advice for these professor is to stay with the U8's. pleazzzzzzze!!!

  2. Santiago 1314, January 30, 2021 at 9:56 p.m.

    These are Kids.!!!.. Spoiled, Pamperred Kids... I am glad to see the Nat Coaches are using the Anson Dorrance "Score Keeping" in Practice Method... WOW.!!!... "Re-Inventing the Wheel" 40 years Later.!!!

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