What They're Saying: Gabriel Barbosa

“When I saw that there were a few more people than there should be, I decided to leave. I was about to enter the elevator to leave, when the police arrived and asked everyone to lie on the floor. It was a big scare. I did what they told me. They took me to a room and spoke to me. I told them that I would help with whatever was necessary. Had I been hiding, I wouldn't have left as I did, with my head held high. I got in the police car as they asked and went to the police station to give my account of events."

-- Flamengo star Gabriel Barbosa after police reported it found him hiding under a table and arrested him early Sunday following a raid on an underground gambling hall in San Paulo. Gambling is outlawed in Brazil, as are large gatherings due to the country's alarmingly high rate of COVID-19 cases. (Reuters)
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