Sweden-USA Women's Friendly Player Ratings

April 10 in Stockholm
Sweden 1 USA 1. Goals: Hurtig 38, Rapinoe (pen.) 87.
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Sweden, the world's No. 5 ranked team, proved a good test for No. 1 USA as it preps for the Olympics. The Americans outshot Sweden 20-9 and finally equalized late in the game from the penalty spot to match the Swedes' first-half goal from a corner kick.

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It was well-delivered corner kick and sharply struck header that gave Sweden a 1-0 lead, but when Alyssa Naeher moved off her line she ended up two yards away from Lina Hurtig. Naeher made a leg save on Fridolina Rolfö's close-range, breakaway effort in first-half stoppage time. Mis-timing her attempt to stop Sofia Jakobsson dribbling toward the goal in the 54th minute went unpunished.

Player (Club) caps/goals (age)

Alyssa Naeher (Chicago Red Stars) 67/0 (32)


Central backs  Becky Sauerbrunn and Tierna Davidson staved off a Swedish attack that came out strong and managed to score only on a set piece. Both passed well out of the back. Kelley O’Hara was the more dangerous of the outside backs moving forward and was fouled for the penalty kick. Crystal Dunn defended well but was less sharp on the ball.

Player (Club) caps/goals (age)

Kelley O’Hara (Washington Spirit) 135/2 (32)

Becky Sauerbrunn (Portland Thorns) 182/0 (35)

Tierna Davidson (Chicago Red Stars) 29/1 (22)

Crystal Dunn (Portland Thorns) 110/24 (28)


Julie Ertz disrupted Swedish attacks in the midfield, deep in U.S. territory, and created chances at the other end. Rose Lavelle sparked some the USA's most promising attacks and came close on three shots, one well-saved and two just wide. Lindsey Horan set up a Carli Lloyd chance but performed less consistently than usual. Her sloppy back pass created a big Sweden chance. Horan did help keep the pressure on Sweden late in the game as the USA fought for the equalizer.

Player (Club) caps/goals (age)

Rose Lavelle (Manchester City/ENG) 52/14 (25)

Julie Ertz (Chicago Red Stars) 109/20 (29)

Lindsey Horan (Portland Thorns) 92/20 (26)


Offside five times contributed to the frontline's ineffectiveness. Center forward Carli Lloyd hit a shot about 20 yards over the crossbar from 13 yards out in the 19th minute and in the second half headed straight to the keeper from seven yards. Neither winger presented serious problems for the Swedish defense, although Lynn Williams, thanks to some patient ball control under pressure, set up a good Lavelle shot. Christen Press didn't see much of the ball.

Player (Club) caps/goals (age)

Lynn Williams (NC Courage) 34/10 (27)

Carli Lloyd (Nj/NY Gotham FC) 300/124 (38)

Christen Press (Manchester United/ENG) 143/60 (32)


Megan Rapinoe threatened from the left wing within seconds of coming on in the 57th minute, produced a couple more promising forays, and struck perfectly from the spot for the equalizer. Sam Mewis shot way high in the 73rd minute. Kristie Mewis failed on two shots in stoppage time. Alex Morgan troubled the Swedish backline somewhat but fell short of presenting real danger.

Player (Club) caps/goals (age)

Megan Rapinoe (OL Reign) 174/57 (35)

Alex Morgan (Orlando Pride) 174/108 (31)

Samantha Mewis (Manchester City, ENG); 71/21 (28)

Kristie Mewis (Houston Dash;) 22/4 (30)

TRIVIA: By earning her 300th cap, Carli Lloyd hits a mark reached by only two others: Kristine Lilly (354) and Christie Pearce Rampone (311).

NEXT: The USA plays France on Tuesday, April 13, in Le Havre (3 pm ET)

April 10 in Stockholm
Sweden 1 USA 1. Goals: Hurtig 38, Rapinoe (pen.) 87
Sweden -- Sweden -- Falk; Fischer, Sembrant, Ericsson; Glas, Asllani, Seger, Andersson; Jakobsson, Hurtig (Blackstenius, 77), Rolfö (Angeldal, 61).
USA -- Naeher; O'Hara, Sauerbrunn, Davidson, Dunn; Lavelle (S.Mewis, 65), Ertz, Horan; Williams (Rapinoe, 57), Lloyd (Morgan, 65), Press (K.Mewis, 85).
Yellow cards: Sweden -- none; USA -- O'Hara 69. Red cards: none.
Referee: Lina Lehtovaara (Finland)

Shots: 9/20
Shots on target: 2/6
Saves: 5/1
Corner Kicks:5/9
Fouls: 11/8
Offside: 2/5
Possession: 45%/55%

8 comments about "Sweden-USA Women's Friendly Player Ratings".
  1. frank schoon, April 10, 2021 at 5:18 p.m.

     US soccer players have problems in small spaces and under pressure. The Swedes took it to us, not giving the US team time with the ball. It caused many of our players with their backs facing downfield lacking an offensive views. Furthermore we had no midfield, often we were outnumered 5v2 or even 6v2,3....On the sides we were outnumbered at times 4v2. And because we were outnumbered at mid, we would often see long ball going up front from backline....

    Horan did not look dominant in the first half for she ended up on the flanks at wing. Horan is a 'combinational' type of player who needs players around her to be effective, but finding herself alone on the flank in the opponent's third shows you her lack of speed, quickness or acceleration.
    In addition ,Horan was to forced many times to run back to her own third which further incapacitated her. 

    There was no penetration on the wings ,especially on the left side. I was not impressed with Dunn. Once an opponent goes at her ,not given her time, shows her limitations. Ertz likewise was ineffective and slow and plays in one tempo and rarely ,perhaps not any, ever comes to the ball but waits for it. I thing it is time for Lavelle to take Ertz's position for she is much more dynamic, can change the pace better as well as play better defense on the midline.

    I've never seen so many bad passes either landing into empty space with noone around or just went to the opponents. I found the Swedes were better in passing in small groups and spaces and were confident in doing so. The US team lacks that ability and relies on 'turbo' ,running into open space.

    Was not impressed with ref's penalty call. She immediately ran pointing to the penalty spot, instead she should have run to O'hara laying on the ground to see this was a penalty. You didn't need a VAR to see this was not a penalty.


  2. Michael Saunders replied, April 10, 2021 at 6:18 p.m.

    I must have watched a different match considering  the scores attributed to the players.

    For example, Davidson on two occasions lost her mark and was slow to recover to which Naeher kept the US in the game with a breakaway save at the end of the first half, and in the second half when she again was beaten by a Swede,  Naeher came out,  missed the tackle,  to only watch the Swedes unbelievingly failing to score.   

    Frank's assessment regarding the poor passing is spot on.  Most guilty was O'Hara that even the Fox commentators pointed that out in their review.   Also concur with Frank that the left side was dreadful, particulalry the play of Press.  She was literally AWOL in this match.  As for Dunn, the simple fact there was little effective coordination between the midfield & the back line with the exception of Lavelle, is troublesome.   I also saw little difference between Lloyd & Morgan to warrant even a one point difference. At least Rapinoe once again proved that for 30 minutes she can influence a game.   

    All that said what I found most concerning is that the USA had no answer to the Swedes defensive posture when they moved into a five back from their 3-4-3 formation when not in possession.  Vlatko needs to address that issue quickly.  



  3. E Velazquez replied, April 11, 2021 at 7:59 a.m.

    USWNT played not like the #1 in the world. The coach and players need to work more on their weaknesses  like shooting to the goal ,from outside the major area

  4. frank schoon replied, April 11, 2021 at 9:48 a.m.

    Michael, it was because of the absence of Press on the leftwing that Horan was forced into this untenable situation. Yes ,where was Press? , I hope there was an all point bulletin on Press in the stadium for I have no idea what happened to her...LOL.

  5. Bob Ashpole replied, April 13, 2021 at 3:15 p.m.

    Frank, I agree with you, but we only have 1 Lavelle (hopefully we will find more such players). Horan would be a better choice with Lavelle playing higher. This gives Lavelle more freedom to influence the game. Ertz just doesn't pass well enough for top level international play as a midfielder. Mental and physical toughness can only take you so far. 

  6. James Madison, April 10, 2021 at 6:13 p.m.

    Mike, your were far too generous to OHara, Davidson and Horan, and also too generous to Lavelle (even though she was the best US attacker when she was on the field), Rapinoe, and Williams. Overall, a poor, disconnected performance. brightend mainly by Saurbrunn and Ertz, and they cannot do it all by themselves.

  7. Santiago 1314, April 10, 2021 at 8:38 p.m.

    Sorry, There was a "REAL" Game On at the Same Time.!!! ... MADRID 2 - FARÇA 1 ... Hala Madrid.!!!

  8. Keith Belton, April 10, 2021 at 9:01 p.m.

    Same reaction as @Michael Saunders.  I feel like the game passed Julie Ertz by.  She doesn't see the field well and back-passing seemed to be the norm.  She's stronger as a central defender.  Kelley O'Hara seemed gassed in the second half, couldn't fill her lane on the right hand side on the attack and had a number of poor giveaways.  All in all, a sloppy, error-filled game.  The USWNT were lucky to get a tie.  

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