MLS: Seven players at the Euros

1. Pzemyslaw Frankowski (Poland). Eight goals and 11 assists in three seasons at Chicago.
2. Daniel Gazdag (Hungary). NB1 Player of the Year signed with Philadelphia in May.
3. Jan Gregus (Slovakia). Recorded 17 assists in first two seasons with Minnesota United.
4. Lassi Lappalainen (Finland). On loan to CF Montreal from Bologna for third season.
5. Robin Lod (Finland). Minnesota United winger should start for Finns.
6. Jukka Raitala (Finland). Joined Minnesota in 2021 after stints at Colombua and Montreal.
7. Szabolcs Schoen (Hungary). Winger signed three-tear contract with FC Dallas in April.

1 comment about "MLS: Seven players at the Euros".
  1. Adam Soczynski, June 11, 2021 at 1:26 a.m.

    Euros added teams so with Finland and Hungary in we get a few additional players. It's good to brag about but not to different. But there are some teams like Poland that likely make a 16 team field. 

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