Watch ('Messi & Me' trailer): The story of a stand-in's glory at Soldier Field

When a superstar charity game needed roster-fillers because of last-minute cancellations, college players came to the rescue and one of them stole the show. Matt Eliason had graduated as Northwestern's all-time scoring leader, but went undrafted by MLS and was working a desk job in Chicago when his former college coach, Tim Lenahan, rounded up 10 players to supplement squads for the "Messi & Friends vs. The Rest of the World" match. Eliason delivering the game's biggest highlight prompted his return to soccer and led the the documentary short, "Messi & Me." It debuted at the Kicking + Screening Festival and this week, coinciding with Messi's June 24 birthday, has been released on Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play, Xbox, and

The Trailer:

The Eliason golazo from ESPN game footage:

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