Euro 2020: The Wednesday recap

It came down to an own goal and a rebound of a missed penalty kick that many felt should not been awarded, but England will take it.

The Three Lions will play for the European Championship title on Sunday against Italy after rallying to beat Denmark, 2-1, in the semifinals.

England erased more than a half century of frustration with the controversial victory.

Since beating Portugal en route to its 1966 World Cup title, England has reached the semifinals of major tournaments five times and lost each time: the European Championship in 1968 and 1996, the World Cup in 1990 and 2018 and most recently the UEFA Nations League in 2019.

Like all but the 1-0 loss to Yugoslavia in the 1968 European Championship, Wednesday's semifinal against the Danes went to overtime.

Wednesday, July 7
England 2 Denmark 1. (Goals: Own goal 39; Kane 104; Damsgaard 30. Att.: 64,950.)


The game was decided in the first overtime period when Dutch referee Danny Makkelie whistled a foul on English winger Raheem Sterling in the penalty area. Danish keeper Kasper Schmeichel dove to his left and stopped Harry Kane's penalty kick but the rebound came straight to Kane, who easily slammed the ball into the open goal.

Sterling said it was a "clear penalty." Replays showed there was minimal contact, and Sterling went down easily. If Makkelie had not called a foul, VAR would have unlikely determined it was a penalty. But once he did, VAR was not going to overturn the call as a clear and obvious error.

Danish coach Kasper Hjulmand was disappointed with how the game was decided.

"It was a penalty that shouldn't have been a penalty," he said, "and that annoys me right now. We're disappointed, we're very disappointed. It's one thing to lose a game -- that happens -- but losing this way is just a disappointment because these guys have fought a lot.


1. Denmark's 21-year-old star, Mikkel Damsgaard, opened the scoring with a goal on a free kick from more than 30 yards. It was Euro 2020's first goal from a direct free kick.

4 comments about "Euro 2020: The Wednesday recap".
  1. Santiago 1314, July 8, 2021 at 6:24 a.m.

    Oh Hummm Game, at least we will have Good Crowd of 60,000 for the Final.... ( Funny how it was actually 64k announced,  and TV announcers said they didn't see many empty seats in the 90k Stadium!?!?) 

  2. frank schoon, July 8, 2021 at 8:55 a.m.

    This will be a decent or interesting final to watch. England was the stronger team in the end, although not necessarily the better soccer playing team. I don't understand why the Danish coach took out some of his good players in the second half. Denmark allowed too many passing interceptions after a string of good passes.

    I hope Italy wins for they deserve it due to Mancini improving the style of Italian ball. We won't be learning anything new from England ,although they have improved player wise.

    Has anyone noticed how many own goals (11) have been scored,unreal. That says it all about too much defense being played in front of own goal, too many defenders bunched up in front of the goal. Too much 352 or 532, same difference. Noticed how many BAD PASSES were made and intercepted when playing out from the back.

    Can anyone tell me why does the goalie have on either side of him two centerbacks about 6meters away standing on either side of to. PLEASE can anyone explain the technical advantage, or the tactical advantage, which I see only a disadvantage. I mean , what have I missed or overlooked in the past 60 some odd years that this is the way to build up from the back.... I mean why didn't Johan Cruyff, Beckenbauer, and other great minds of soccer miss this,  that having the two centerbacks  on either side of the goalie as a way to build out from the back..

    You have  to ask yourself what does having 2centerbacks to either side of the goalie improve the goalie's build up from the back. What can the goalie not do that the a centerback on either side of him can do better. All 3 can pass to either back, all 3 can pass up field with the goalie being able kick the ball even further up field for reach. Besides you also have 2less passing options going forwards , you also invite the opponents to come very close to your own goal, and putting your team in danger by passing directly to #6 who usually has back to facing downfield.  EVERYTHING is so predictable to the opponents for they see everything develop right in front of them.

    WHY do I see this IDIOT play constantly occur at the pro level, college level, or youth level occur???  I really don't get it because so many mistakes are being made which the opponents can take advantage of.  It is like Monkey see, Monkey does because coaches all copy each other without really thinking... 

    I can't wait for the Beckenbauer sweeper/libero to come back for the square centerback has stifled further the development of soccer....

  3. Johan Aarnio, July 8, 2021 at 11:33 a.m. the last 15-20 years I've seen over 50% of all goals occur with a flat four and an arm going into the air. Case in point the second goal for England. Why can't a defender run 3-5 yards anymore and defend. What happened to the Libero, defending with cover and squeezing when it goes the other way; one of the 2 most important parts of our on attack and cover on defense. So you are right and I'm surprised nobody says a word about it for the last twenty years.

  4. frank schoon replied, July 8, 2021 at 12:02 p.m.

    Johan, I just don't get it....The game has gone down in quality. We lost the art of good man to man defending. Too much space is given to opponents today due to all the zonal crap.
    Nobody says a word of this idiocy but follow whatever is trendy. 

    For example, the system 4231 totally annihilates building up the process from the back for the 2 in front of the 4 blocks the forward movement of the 2 centerbacks in the middle. And what makes it even worse the two center backs and the 2 in front of them will also draw opponents there. As a result the ball is forced to go to the outside backs ,wide, to the flank where forward will be blocked  due to the opponents shifting there. The Golden Rule is to never pass to a back when building up but only if he has space to go on attack. So many passes today go to the backs but the ball ends up backwards or to centerbacks where it usually comes from. Note the centerback are the least creative with a ball. And as a result we get these balls kicked forwards which becomes 50/50 balls....BINGO.....

    What do you see today if a back does have space to receive a ball around midfield he runs with it 30meters which is so predictable and it gives the opponents time to adjust defensively...The Golden Rule is the open attacking back should not receive the ball on attack until he's in the opponent's third and therefore makes it more difficult for the opponents to adjust defensively....I can't believe what I'm watching today in soccer for all the PRINCIPLES of good soccer are not followed.....But all you here today is that our youth are going to soccer academies and learning.....and I say what are they learning because they are not getting the PRINCIPLES taught properly because these licensed BOZOS don't know it either....

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