U.S. Open Cup: All the 2022 qualifying entrants

U.S. Soccer released the names of the 92 teams that will take part this fall in the qualifying rounds for the 2022 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup. 

The survivors of four rounds of qualifying will advance to the 2022 Open Cup first round, set for March 22-23:

First Qualifying Round: Sept. 18-19
Second Qualifying Round: Oct. 16-17
Third Qualifying Round: Nov. 20-21
Fourth Qualifying Round: Dec. 18-19

Only 50 teams previously entered the competition, reflecting the continuing high turnover year to year.

: *108 teams
: 95 teams (48 returnees)
: 89 teams (43 returnees)
1: 92 teams (50 returnees)
*8 forfeited.

The entrants are affiliated with four different bodies, all U.S. Soccer members.

65 teams from USASA
19 teams from USSSA
6 teams from ANFEEU
2 teams from US Club Soccer.

Almost half the entrants are from the UPSL and NSL, which have teams spread all over the country. The EPSL (part of the new NISA system) has five entrants in addition to Lansdowne Yonkers FC, which qualified for the first round of the 2022 Open Cup by virtue of winning the USASA's 2021 National Amateur Cup. NPSL has four entrants from the Golden Gate Conference, which did not play in 2021.

Leagues (most entrants):
33 United Premier Soccer League  (USASA)
11 National Soccer League (USSSA)
8 Colorado Super League (USASA)
6 Woodbridge Soccer League (ANFEEU)
5 Eastern Premier Soccer League (USASA)
5 Southwest Premier League (USSSA)
4 National Premier Soccer League (USASA)

California (24)
Contra Costa FC; Concord, Calif.
El Farolito; San Francisco, Calif.
FC Davis; Davis, Calif.
Oakland Stompers; Oakland, Calif.
National Soccer League (USSSA)
Real San Jose; San Jose, Calif.
San Francisco Soccer Football League (USASA)
Inter San Francisco; San Francisco, Calif.
Metro FC; San Francisco, Calif.
Southwest Premier League (USSSA)
Capistrano FC; San Clemente, Calif.
Chula Vista FC; Chula Vista, Calif.
L.A. Monsters FC; Wilmington, Calif.
Outbreak FC; Long Beach, Calif.
Real Sociedad Royals; Irvine, Calif.
Davis Legacy SC; Davis, Calif.
Desert Communities SC Pathfinders; Helendale, Calif.
Escondido FC; Spring Valley, Calif.
Gremio FC San Diego; San Diego, Calif.
JASA RWC; Redwood City, Calif.
Modesto City Football Club; Modesto, Calif.
Rebels Soccer Club; Spring Valley, Calif.
Rose City FC; Arcadia, Calif.
San Fernando Valley FC; Glendale, Calif.
Sporting ID11; Lake Forest, Calif.
Trojans FC; Irvine, Calif.
White Tigers FC; Poway, Calif.

Florida (14)
National Soccer League (USSSA)
City Soccer FC; West Palm Beach, Fla.
Florida Brothers; Miami Gardens, Fla.
Hurricane FC; Delray Beach, Fla.
Miami Soccer Academy; Miami, Fla.
Orlando FC Wolves; Orlando, Fla.
Palm Beach Breakers; West Palm Beach, Fla.
Red Force FC; Miami Gardens, Fla.
Deportivo Lake Mary FC; Lake Mary, Fla.
Florida Soccer Soldiers; Miami Beach, Fla.
International Soccer Association: Boca Raton, Fla.
Miami Beach Club de Futbol; Miami Gardens, Fla.
Miami Sun FC; Miami, Fla.
Naples City FC; Naples, Fla.
Oceanway FC; Jacksonville, Fla.

Colorado (10)
Colorado Premier League (USSSA)
Boulder United FC; Superior, Colo.
Colorado Rovers; Golden, Colo.
Colorado Super League (USASA)
Athletic Club of Sloan's Lake; Wheat Ridge, Colo.
Azteca FC; Golden, Colo.
Colorado Rush; Arvada, Colo.
FC Denver; Denver, Colo.
FC Union Jerez; Arvada, Colo.
Gam United FC; Denver, Colo.
Peak Eleven Football Club; Boulder, Colo.
Harpos FC; Boulder, Colo.

Virginia (8)
Nova FC; Leesburg, Va.
Virginia United FC; Woodbridge, Va.
Lynchburg FC; Lynchburg, Va.
Woodbridge Soccer League (ANFEEU)
Alianza Futbol Club; Woodbridge, Va.
C.A. United; Woodbridge, Va.
Corinto FC; Woodbridge, Va.
Springfield FC; Woodbridge, Va.
Toros FC; Woodbridge, Va.

New York (6)
New Amsterdam FC ll; Warwick, N.Y.
New York Greek American SC; Bronx, N.Y. (U.S. Open Cup champion in 1967-69, 1974)
New York Pancyprian Freedoms; Queens, N.Y. (U.S. Open Cup champion in 1980, 1982-83)
Rochester District Soccer League (USASA)
IASC Boom; Irondequoit, N.Y.
Oyster Bay United FC; Rockville Centre, N.Y.
Westchester United F.C.; Yonkers, N.Y.

Texas (6)
Dallas Soccer Alliance (USSSA)
Lone Star Republic; Dallas, Texas
National Soccer League (USSSA)
Athletic Katy FC; Katy, Texas
Houston Hotshots - GPFC; Katy, Texas
San Antonio Runners; San Antonio, Texas
The Roja League (US Club Soccer)
D'Feeters Kicks Soccer Club; Dallas, Texas
Southwest Football Club; El Paso, Texas

Pennsylvania (5)
Philadelphia Lone Star FC; Philadelphia, Pa.
Pittsburgh City United FC; Monroeville, Pa.
United Soccer League of Pennsylvania (USASA)
Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals; North Wales, Pa. (U.S. Open Cup champion in 1960-61, 1963, 1966)
United German Hungarians; Ambler, Pa.
Vereinigung Erzgebirge; Warminster, Pa.

Georgia (3)
Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League (USASA)
Georgia Revolution FC Reserves; Locust Grove, Ga.
Atletico Atlanta; Milton, Ga.
Georgia Storm FC; Carrollton, Ga.

Massachusetts (3)
Bay State Soccer League (USASA)
Brockton FC United; Brockton, Mass.
Kendall Wanderers; Malden, Mass.
Unations FC; Marlborough, Mass.

New Jersey (3)
Garden State Soccer League (USASA)
Jackson Lions FC; Jackson, N.J.
EFA Metro; Clifton, N.J.
New Jersey Alliance FC; Clifton, N.J.

District of Columbia (2)
DC Premier League (USASA)
DC Cheddar; Washington, D.C.
Woodbridge Soccer League (ANFEEU)
Districtonia Futbol; Washington, D.C.

Maryland (2)
Maryland Major Soccer League (USASA)
Rockville Soccer Club; Gaithersburg, Md.
Washington Premier League (USASA)
Aegean Hawks FC; Boyds, Md.

Nevada (2)
BattleBornFC; Minden, Nev.
Villarreal Las Vegas; Las Vegas, Nev.

Connecticut (1)
Connecticut Soccer League (USASA)
Newtown Pride FC; Newtown, Conn.

Illinois (1)
Metro East Football Association (USASA)
FC Maritsa; O’Fallon, Ill.

Kentucky (1)
Ohio Valley Premier League (US Club Soccer)
Lexington Landsharks; Lexington, Ky.

South Carolina (1)
South Carolina United Heat; Columbia, S.C.

1 comment about "U.S. Open Cup: All the 2022 qualifying entrants".
  1. Wallace Wade, August 24, 2021 at 7:41 a.m.

    They will take the $ and then when the "Open" Division teams qualify through 3 or 4 rounds, they won't play another match! This tournament is dead! The Federation and MLS has killed our oldest, most historic Tournament! What about the teams that qualified and then got screwed out of their spots from 2 tournaments ago? You won't find them here, that's for sure. So, because you never honored the spots those teams "earned" through sporting merit, now they refuse to participate. That means you lost the best Amateur "open" division teams. Therefore, the tournament is a joke. 

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