Honduras-USA Men's World Cup Qualifying Player Ratings

Sept. 8 in San Pedro Sula
Honduras 1 USA 4. Goals: Moya 27; A.Robinson 48, Pepi 75, Aaronson 86, Lletget 90+3.
Att.: 31,000.
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The USA recovered from a miserable first-half performance to notch an extraordinary 4-1 road win that will be remembered for one of greatest U.S. national team debuts in history: 18-year-old Ricardo Pepi scored the go-ahead goal and helped create the other three.

USA Player Ratings
(1=low; 5=middle; 10=high.)


Matt Turner couldn't reach the Brayan Moya diving header from seven yards that gave the Catrachos a 1-0 lead. His impressive toss created a late first-half counterattack for Christian Pulisic. In the second half, Turner dived to save a well-aimed Marcelo Pereira header and left his penalty area to interrupt an attack as the Catrachos waned.

Player (Club) caps/goals (age)

Matt Turner (New England Revolution) 10/0 (27)


Central defender John Brooks, as he did against Canada, jogged in retreat as the USA conceded a goal. Against Honduras, his puzzling lack of urgency came after he badly mis-timed a tackle. Brooks was subbed at halftime, and Miles Robinson, whose clearance sparked the attack for the USA's equalizer, had no problem marshaling the middle without him. Left center back Mark McKenzie won the ball and surged forward to lay it off for Kellyn Acosta on the second U.S. goal.

Player (Club) caps/goals (age)

Miles Robinson (Atlanta United) 12/3 (24)

John Brooks (Wolfsburg/GER) 45/3 (28)

Mark McKenzie (Genk/BEL) 7/0 (22) 


Coach Gregg Berhalter badly miscalculated the ability of James Sands, impressive in central defense during the Gold Cup, to handle midfield duty against Honduras but the 21-year-old improved significantly after a first half of blunders. Kellyn Acosta fouled a game-high five times, but was fortunate that the Mexican ref didn't card at all. Like his teammates, he found his groove in the second half and was part of the go-ahead goal buildup. Right back Tyler Adams' move into his usual central midfield role was part of the U.S. late resurgence, and he capped his day of toil with a slick pass to Pepi ahead of the final goal. George Bello, who shot wide in the first minute and sent in a decent 24th-minute cross, was subbed at halftime.

Player (Club) caps/goals (age)

Tyler Adams (RB Leipzig/GER) 17/1 (22)

Kellyn Acosta (Colorado Rapids) 40/2 (26)

James Sands (New York City FC) 7/0 (21)

George Bello (Atlanta United) 4/0 (19)


Josh Sargent lost possession when he moved into midfield to accept passes and before his halftime exit made one highlight: his headed pass that Ricardo Pepi volleyed wide while off balance. Pepi settled a high ball near the center circle and held off Jose Garcia's challenge before passing to Christian Pulisic, who flew downfield during a crucial part of the equalizer buildup. Pepi reappeared to challenge for Sebastian Lletget's cross, which popped to Antonee Robinson, who made it 1-1. Pepi scored the go-ahead goal with a perfectly struck header, and he provided the pass for Brenden Aaronson's goal. Then Pepi took the shot that created a rebound for the fourth U.S. goal. Pulisic also kept Honduras on edge during the USA's first-half struggles.

Player (Club) caps/goals (age)

Josh Sargent (Norwich City/ENG) 19/5 (21)

Ricardo Pepi (FC Dallas) 1/1 (18)

Christian Pulisic (Chelsea/ENG) 40/16 (22)


One hopes Berhalter will start considering the value of having Cristian Roldan and Sebastian Lletget on the field at the same time. Besides being among the most clever players in the pool, Lletget on Wednesday sent in the cross on the equalizer, passed to DeAndre Yedlin for a hockey assist on the go-ahead goal, and scored the fourth goal, finishing the rebound off Pepi's shot. Roldan started the sequence for the third goal when his tackle sent the ball to Pepi. Antonee Robinson coolly finished a volley from seven yards to get the comeback started, and took part in the go-ahead goal buildup. Brenden Aaronson scored in his second straight game, putting the game out of reach with a confidently taken shot on a pass from Pepi.

Player (Club) caps/goals (age)

Sebastian Lletget (LA Galaxy) 32/8 (29)

Antonee Robinson (Fulham/ENG) 15/1 (24)

Brenden Aaronson (RB Salzburg/AUT) 10/5 (20)

Cristian Roldan (Seattle Sounders) 28/0 (26)

DeAndre Yedlin (Galatasaray/TUR) 67/0 (28)

TRIVIARicardo Pepi became the first U.S. player to score in World Cup qualifying while earning his first cap since Eddie Johnson scored against El Salvador in 2004.

Sept. 8 in San Pedro Sula
Honduras 1 USA 4. Goals: Moya 27; A.Robinson 48, Pepi 75, Aaronson 86, Lletget 90+3.
Honduras -- Lopez; Najar, Pereira (Hernandez, 81), Figueroa, Rodriguez; Pineda (Garcia, 46), Arriaga, Flores (B.Acosta, 73), Toro (Rivas, 46); Moya, Lozano (Quioto, 46).
USA -- Turner; M.Robinson, Brooks (Lletget, 46), McKenzie; Adams, K.Acosta, Sands (Yedlin, 73), Bello (A.Robinson, 46); Sargent (Aaronson, 46), Pepi, Pulisic (Roldan, 62).
Yellow cards: Honduras -- none; USA -- none; Red cards: none.
Referee: Fernando Hernandez Gomez (Mexico).
Att.: 31,000.

Shots: 18/12
Shots on target: 3/8
Saves: 4/2
Corner Kicks: 3/4
Offside: 0/1
Possession: 53%/47%
34 comments about "Honduras-USA Men's World Cup Qualifying Player Ratings".
  1. Bob Ashpole, September 9, 2021 at 4:57 a.m.

    To keep in context, this was Honduras, and not a top 20 contender. (Honduras is ranked #63).

    The second half was somethig to build on. The team came together. I saw flashes that I liked.

    For a short time Adams played RB while A. Robinson played LB. They looked to me like our starting FBs for the next cycle. It was cut short when GB brought in Yedlin and moved Adams inside as a second no. 6. I was impressed with A Robinson's play overall against Najar. Najar is talented and a handful for anyone.

    I liked Llegett and Roldan playing in front of Acosta. They provided a stability I hadn't seen before. Apparently Mike liked it too.

    Pulisic was exciting to watch, dangerous every time he touched the ball. Between Pulisic and Najar there was a lot of slick dribbling on display. Najar was the only one fouled nearly as much as Pulisic.

    Of course I liked Pepi. Who didn't? 

    Did you know that FIFA rated the US as No. 10 since August 12? Not joking.

  2. Santiago 1314 replied, September 9, 2021 at 6:32 a.m.

    Yes Bob, I knew we were #10... Got Lots of FIFA Points for winning (2) Confederation Championships...
    They have this Strange "Coefficient" System that Skews the whole Ranking Sometimes....

    Oh by the Way.....

    USA, USA, USPepA.!!!!

    10s FOR EVERYONE... Even Ggg... Congrats, Way to Figure it Out... All team needed was "Spirit of '76"... Didn't need Pulisic, McKenNIE, Reyna, Sargent, Pefok, Brooks, Weah, Mushah, Steffan,...etc... etc...
    Grind It Out, Until we Qualify, then you can worry about "Looking Pretty"....
    Just Win, Baby... WIN.!!!

  3. Alan Blackledge replied, September 9, 2021 at 8 a.m.

    By now we should all know ratings mean absolutely nothing, especially during qualifying away. This was a good win especially given the players not available and player drama distraction behind the scenes. GB deserves credit

  4. John Sabala replied, September 10, 2021 at 3:10 a.m.

      Interesting comments by all.  The subs definitely gave the team a boost emotionally.  However, the quality of play did not change.  The goals came off of turnovers with moments of brilliance by individual players.  I am not pessimistic, but realistic.  My mind set is that we will qualify for the WC.....that should not even be a question.  The focus seems to only be on qualifying and that is like the only goal in front of us.  We should also be looking at being prepared for the WC.....I know I know we have to qualify.......but the way GB selects players, his tactics and game field management is horrible and will get is knocked out in group play.  We have to stop playing CONCACAF style soccer and move towards playing possession soccer, not long balls over the top.  

  5. Ben Myers, September 9, 2021 at 4:59 a.m.

    Subs saved the day, and maybe even Berhalter's job.  Starting lineup was bewildering.  Maybe these subs should start?

  6. Santiago 1314 replied, September 9, 2021 at 8:21 a.m.

    Bewildering is Correct... It was Chicken @$#%$ing Salad.
    But got to give Ggg Credit for Fixing it... Not sure if He Told CP to go Play CtMid, or CP decided to "Show Up the Coach", But Lots of Credit to CP for "Taking the Team on his Shoulders", and Taking a Beating in the Process.

  7. Chris Wasdyke replied, September 9, 2021 at 1:59 p.m.

    So we have 5 points from 3 qualifiers, two of which were road games.  We played like crap, coaching was pretty crap for the most part.  Am I the only who feels that this is good?  I don't know my opinion on Berhalter yet, but he has shown he's struggling but he does show growth as well.  I'm much more optimistic now then I was Wednesday night.

  8. Santiago 1314 replied, September 9, 2021 at 5:21 p.m.

    Yes, Chris... at some point, This group of 35-40 players is going to "Take Over" the Game... And NO Coach will be able to Screw It Up... I think we have that much Talent... They Show Glimpses of how Good they WILL BE... If they just don't Forget One Thing... They are PLAYING FOR THEIR COUNTRY... To the Bitter End... NO QUITTING,  NO LOW PRESSURE, NO MANAGING THE GAME.... aBALA to The WALLA.!!!.... Once you have the other Team in submission. Then you can "Screw Around" and Have Fun.!!!!(On and OFF the Field)

  9. James Madison replied, September 9, 2021 at 5:54 p.m.

    Behalter's substitution of Brooks and Sargent at halftime and the injection of a dose of passion gives me renewed confidence in his coaching. Acosta was fortunate not to be at least cautioned for his intimidating and persistent fouling.

  10. John Sabala, September 9, 2021 at 5:51 a.m.

     Needed the Result

    I am an avid US Soccer fan, but my body could not keep up this go around as I live and work in Germany so the game was at 4:30am after watching the previous games at 2am and 4am.  I am sad to have missed this second half performace. I saw the starting line up and was of course bewildered as you Bob.  I will try to watch the game in the next day or so.  I have read the US was dominated in the first half and the way we lined up it is not suprising.  Adams is not a FB.  He is the best #6 on the team and needs to play in that position.  He flatout breaks up so many attacks.  Acosta needs to be his back-up.  I contend we need to play a back 3 with the quality depth we have at CB it aleviates some of the coverage needed behind attacking FBs which is still something we really lack. That is Dest's forte, but has not been on display with the national team as of yet.  Use of wingbacks will still help the attack and help against low block teams allowing the attacking midfielders to remain more central. It also allows us to press immeidiately when we turn the ball over.

    I agree that this win saved GB job until at least the next window.  Bob, I agree that we cannot get carried away as it was Honduras.  And yes I knew US moved up to #10 in FIFA ranking, which I thought was far too generous, especially after watching the European Championship games and play. Good road win, but it was so close to a disastrous result.  Someone lit a fire under the team at halftime.  The constant hard fouling on Pulisic finally caught up and we must hope he is not injured too severly for his club and the next window.  In all reality you could see Chelsea maybe not releasing him next time to protect their investment.  Look forward to seeing everyone's comments, I hope to be able to add something after watching the game.

    I will toss one idea out. I have watched Chlesea play matches since TT took over.  Thoughts on the USMNT going to a 3-4-2-1 like them.  This formation does not have a pure striker (well now Chelsea does with Lukaku) and these three on top interchange positions with the flow of play making it hard for CB to mark them.  When in the final third there are 5 players along the tops of the box from touchline to touchline with two midfielders central to create combination play.  Based on our talent and the lack of a clear pure classical striker. The key for this is the back 3 and I think we have to talent to do that to help the attack.  Just food for thought.

  11. Santiago 1314 replied, September 9, 2021 at 7:14 a.m.

    Johns A Baller... Once you see the 2nd half, you will change your Mind about USA doesn't Need a "Striker".
    What Pepi did was what CF is supposed to Do... Make Near Post Runs In the Box to Keep the aBALA Alive, Take Shots that cause Rebounds and SCORE GOALS.!!!
    We actually Played FOUR Center-Backs...Poor Sands... Not a Midfielder, in all Fairness to him... Ggg started him as CtMid in 5-2-3 was like putting him out there on an Island.... Looked like Brooks was Playing the "Libero" in order to Push up into the DefMid Position(Like Sands did Successfully, Earlier this Summer)... Brooks WAS NOT Successful and might have played his Last Game for USA
    TT plays a 3 front more than a Lone Ranger...3 front is Crucial to "GegenPress", I don't see Lukaku doing TEAM Press, Could be a Conflict there in the Future.
    Future Team looks Like this;


    You could certainly see some Interchanging between Reyna-CP-Aaronson

  12. John Sabala replied, September 9, 2021 at 8:31 a.m.

    I am just insane giving my sleep up to watch USMNT. I am an avid supporter.  Lukaku is actually attempting to press with Chelsea, he know it is reuquired playing for TT.  He is just not as fast as Timo Werner or Havertz or Pulisic chasing the ball.  That player's job is to push the ball wide so the ball gets trapped near the touchline.  So far this season Lukaku does not move much from the #9 central striker.  This in close play with a non-traditional #9 creates a lot of chances from all players in the attacking third.  We are just so loaded with talent at CB and they are athletic.  I really believe it will help in the attack, especially when we begin playing the tougher opponents.  

  13. Bob Ashpole replied, September 9, 2021 at 12:03 p.m.

    Santi, looking at all your comments this morning, I agree with you.

    I am not as optimistic as you, however. My primary worry is about what will GB take away from this match? I think there is a real danger that GB will see last night as a vindication of his past  approach and selections, in effect doubling down on his approach. Next, I wonder if he is ready to move on from McKennie and Brooks. 

    Regarding your suggested 11, I still would like to see Adams at RB and Dest in reserve. Weah replacing McKennie. Acosta as the single 6 behind Weah and Reyna. If Busio were available, I would start him and leave him free to influence the game.

    That leaves a pretty strong bench to pull from. 

  14. Santiago 1314 replied, September 9, 2021 at 5:27 p.m.

    I think McKenNIE will be Back... (Gonna be a little Awkward around the Pulisic House at Thanksgiving.???) But, they Grown Adults ... 
    DEST surprised me with how well he did against Davies... I don't have the Worries about his Defensive Capabilities like i did Previously
    No Reason to move Adam's Back there.

  15. Bob Ashpole replied, September 9, 2021 at 7:06 p.m.

    Santi, my concern is that the team has a surplus of CMs and a shortage of outside backs. Also I am thinking of 23 players playing multiple matches rather than 11 players playing one match.

    I have no concerns about Dest's ability, although he is more suited to what you call Tiki-taka than the long ball that GB favors. I also have no concerns about Adams playing in the midfield.

  16. Santiago 1314 replied, September 9, 2021 at 10:51 p.m.

    Bob, Remember... Ggg did NOT bring Scally or Moore at Rt.Back... and Vines was not brought In at LfBack... We 3 Deep in each of those spots.... 
    I am not quit seeing your midfield...

    Reyna.    Weah

    Not Much Defense going on in there.???

    I could go with

    Reyna.        Busio 

  17. Bob Ashpole replied, September 9, 2021 at 11:28 p.m.

    Santi: you have identified the question about Busio. What I have in mind is a deep-laying playmaker in a high press system with the entire team guarding against the counter (they are high pressing), not just a no. 6.

    I like your alternative too, which has been tested. I liked Acosta at the 6, but wonder about all the extra hits he made, like he was playing ice hockey. I hope it was payback for fouls on Pulisic. Otherwise it is all cons without any pros.

    If these other outside backs are good enough for international play, why didn't GB select some of them? His selections were short both wingers and outside backs.  

  18. Santiago 1314 replied, September 10, 2021 at 12:43 a.m.

    Hopefully, At Some Point, USA will have enough Consistent Possesion that the team will only need (1) #6... Adams has that Spot now, then McKenNIE, Then Acosta... If you play Reyna and Busio... McKenNIE gotta Sit... Might be a Hit on team Chemistry, or Might NOT be an Issue,  if McNIE doesn't find some playing time at Juventus... Imagine the PAIN you could Inflict on Mexico with;
    Lots of Bone Crunching and Ball Winning, but NO Telling were IT would End up when they try to link up with forwards.!!!
    I still Don't understand why Ggg didn't bring Joe Scally(18yrs old...Started first 3 games this season forBorussia Mönchengladbach)  and Moore for Rt.Back(I think Moore had to choose between USA and Club Tennerife after already going to Gold Cup) Supposedly, they are both trying to "Integrate" with their Teams New Seasons....I'm  thinking he wanted to keep the Group Small.... But that was a Mistake, as seen when Dest Went down. 

  19. John Richardson, September 9, 2021 at 10:04 a.m.

    How about a rating foir  the coach ?
    First half a 3
    Second half an 8

  20. William Shine, September 9, 2021 at 10:07 a.m.

    I have to give A. Robinson more credit.  Showed his quality on both sides of the ball and turned the game arond.  Pinned Honduras back with his runs while shutting down Najar and everything else down his flank. I'm happy GB changed everything and won the game but why was A. Robinson on the bench?  He almost always performs well. Did GB underrate his talent?  The press should be asking these questions.

  21. Santiago 1314 replied, September 9, 2021 at 11:34 a.m.

    I'm with you William... A.Rob has Won Me Over, I prefer Vines for his Technical Abilities... But, Resuls Speak Volumes... I didn't like the way they were using him as almost a Full Time Left Wing... I dòn't see him as someone who has the ability to Take People on 1v1.
    But, get him Overlapping and Arriving Late in the Box. And he has Proven to be Deadly... He certainly has Done well in his Defensive Duties.
    I think Ggg was "Rotating" and wanted to give everyone some Playing Time...   With 5 subs you can get away with it

  22. Frans Vischer, September 9, 2021 at 11:39 a.m.

    Part reason for 2nd half success was subbing out Brooks. I keep reading about his wonderful passing, and I keep seing very poor passes from him. Occasionally he maes a terrific cross-filed pass, and defensively I like him, (except for his baffling lack of effort on the Canadian goal, and again last night. And this could not be fatigue, since he did not play in the opener...)

    But he was miserable against Canada and the first half yesterday. During his 120 minutes he showed ZERO urgency, ZERO initiative in starting attacks, even under no pressure, he repeatedly opted for the safe lateral pass, accomplishing NOTHING. We came to life when the youngsters entered, who fearlessly pressed forward. Made me very proud. 

    I hope GB will rely less on Brooks in future qualifiers. He proved very little to me this week.

  23. Santiago 1314 replied, September 9, 2021 at 6:58 p.m.

    Don't TRUST anyone Over 25.!!!! (Except GKs)... hahaha

  24. Kent James, September 9, 2021 at 11:45 a.m.

    I had not seen Pepi before, and I thought he did fine in the first half, though nothing special.  He didn't do much on the first goal (made a good run), but his goal was almost perfect; rose up early, beating a defender who, to that point, had been getting the better of him, and just nailed it into the upper corner.  Very impressive. On Aaronson's goal he took advantage of Roldan's tackle, carried the ball quickly at goal drawing the defenders, then hit the right pass to Aaronson (underhit it a bit, but Aaronson' was able to get to it).  And he hit the nice shot that gave Lleget the opportunity to finish. Very impressive performance; kind of amazing what scoring a goal can do for your confidence (and play).  But it's also just one game (and really just a half, and the last 15 minutes or so, Honduras just fell apart).  Pepi justified all the praise people have had for him, but let's keep some perspective.  But he's clearly a nice addition to the squad.

    Sands struggled in the first half, and I thought GB should have taken him off (and moved Adams to that position), but I'm glad he left him on.  Sands picked it up in the 2nd half, and by the time he was subbed, I think he had proven to himself that he could play at this level.  

    The more I watch McKenzie, the more impressed I am.  Very steady, tenacious defender that doesn't foul much, safe with the ball.  

    Bello played reasonably well (probably deseved a PK when he was tripped from behind as he went for a cross, but unfortunately, no VAR).  Had a momentary lapse on the goal (should have tried harder to close on the goalscorer).  Not our best option at outside back, but shows promise.  

    Aaronson always ads energy and creativity; he may be better off the bench (as he was in this game) but he makes stuff happen.  Nice composure on his goal.

  25. Billy Logan, September 9, 2021 at 12:43 p.m.

    KJ (prior comment) - I'm gonna say on Pepi's assist to Aaronson, what you perceive as "[Pepi] underhit it a bit" --- the low-energy quality of that pass,

    combined with its excellent aim past defenders, and its perfect timing,

    shows Pepi's calmness in tense situations. 

    Are there not A LOT of ways to botch opportunities like that, if you're over-amped? - BL, FC Dallas fan :-)

  26. John Sabala, September 9, 2021 at 2:56 p.m.

    Ok, I am back. Watched the game on Parmount after I got home from work today. First things first.....congratulations to the team and coach for getting the much needed 3 points to remain relevant before the October window. Second, the ESPN writer that wrote the US was dominated in the first half, is an idiot. Honduras did not dominate the game. Honduras' plan was to counter from the midfield and play to their three high forwards.  Honduras did not sit in a low block, but focused on winning the midfield battled in the center of the pitch and get forward as quickly as possible.

    There was some success creating some chances and then the monster chance from the diving header. I know I am going to get bashed, but watching that play (more than once on rewind) Brooks made the correct play coming forward to not let the Honduras CF turn with the ball. The goal fault belongs to Bello who has to see that his LCB moved to the ball to close the initial pass down, Brooks forced the ball wide. Brooks stayed with the CF so was higher in the box on the cross and Bellow was still too far away and left that man unmarked.


  27. John Sabala replied, September 9, 2021 at 2:58 p.m.

    Now for the game plan of GB opening the game. 5-2-3 on defense and a 4-3-3 on offense caused too much confusion on the pitch without players knowing their clear roles. It seemed GB was terrified of us getting beat wide in our defensive third. Player selection being limited due to injuries did not make sense to play this formation. 2nd half back to a 4-3-3 after bringing Yedlin in.

    Now looking at the game offensively it was the same thing of no connectivity in the midfield. The goals scored were against the run of play from turnovers created, not build up play. As some stated there were too many long balls over the top trying to get into the attacking third. Pulisic finally paid the price with all of the hard fouls against him. Again, we have to hope the injury is not bad. I understand so many will say just win.....but the US played pure CONCACAF soccer of whoever wins is who fouls the most. The official was terrible.....and lets be honest.....if Acosta was playing in any other league he would have gone off with two yellow cards due to his constant fouling not playing the ball. The bright spot is Pepi playing a good game and putting the ball in the back of the net from the quality service. His midfield turnover and rebounded shot led to two more goals. He will need to continue to be part of the group moving forward and I would not be surprised if he is in Europe after the MLS season. I agree with Bob that I hope GB does not see this as vindication of his game plans and tactics. They were a failure for this WC window. He has a month so see players back in their clubs and will hopefully bring more offensive midfielders to allow Pulisic and Reyna to stay wide. This is where they create the most threats. Bob, I completely disagree to move T. Adams to right back. He is the best #6 which is the linchpin of any good team. Have to rely on Dest getting better, which I think he will. Someone has to convince Berhalter to go with a 3 back line and move to a 3-4-3, 3-5-2, or a 3-4-2-1. We have talented and athletic CBs. Lets use them. I believe these formations will allow him to deploy more offensive talent on the pitch creating many more chances.

  28. Kent James replied, September 11, 2021 at 1:29 a.m.

    Calling the ESPN writer an "idiot" may be a bit harsh, but you're probably right about the lack of dominance by Honduras.  Goals color everybody's view of the game.  What would be interesting is to watch a recorded game, with the goals removed, and then try to guess what the score of the game was (and when the goals came).  

  29. humble 1, September 9, 2021 at 3:53 p.m.

    I would bump Turner from 6 to 7.  He is becoming a rock, and close to taking over the position for MNT.  I would also bump Yedlin to a 7.  Three goals came after he was subbed on.  He got the assist to Pepi and chested the ball down to a teammate that became the shot for Pepi that rebounded to Aaronson.  He takes a lot of criticism from pundits and fans.  At 28 he's one of the few that made it through the dark period and has become one of the reliable vets on the team, starting or coming from the bench without whining.  His move to keep playing in Turkey served him well and served the MNT team well.  Keep it going boys!   

  30. Santiago 1314 replied, September 10, 2021 at 12:16 a.m.

    Turner IS a Rock, but so are his Feet... I think at some Point, if Horvath can find a Team to Start ON, he could pass both Turner and Steffan... Now we REALLY know why Ochoa Choose Mexico... He's #4

  31. Kent James replied, September 11, 2021 at 1:25 a.m.

    I agree that the fans have been inappropriately hard on Yedlin.  He's not as good as some of the new guys (Dest), but he's competitive.

    Santiago, I completely agree with your assessment of Turner; great with his hands (and pretty much all other aspects of his game), but his feet are poor. His touch is almost always questionable (and make me nervous whenever any opponents are around) and his long kicks almost always go to the other team.  He needs to improve that aspect of his game to be the go to goalkeeper.  I think that's where his late start hurts him....

  32. Charles Davenport, September 9, 2021 at 8:09 p.m.

    worst first half of professional soccer that I've seen; Berthalter "45 minutes away from being unemployed" as one commenter has said.

  33. Sam Bellin replied, September 9, 2021 at 10:56 p.m.

    Charles completely agree -- that first half was abysmal and yet the second half was brilliant!  I have to confess I did not see that coming.  And I've never been so happy to eat my words:  I'm the guy who said we needed to play bunker ball and go for a 1-0 win because half of our "players who make a difference" (my term) were out from the start.  So what happens?  Pulisic also goes out -- after a huge performance, I might add -- and the "others" stepped up and showed they are players who in fact make a big difference!  Pepi -- what a debut!  Gotta hope he can prove to be the real deal as our #9.  Antonee Robinson -- wow did he make a difference with that speed up and down the line!  And once again surprisingly (at least to me) clever and composed ball handling from Lletget, Roldan, and Yedlin.  Mark McKenzie was sticky on defense and reliable with the ball, another player who played better than I thought he could.  Aaronson did not surprise me -- he is sneaky quick with a lot of good moves and has looked dangerous just about every game he plays.  I thought his goal was very well-taken.  If we can get this type of energy and quality from the "supporting players," -- wile also getting Pulisic and Reyna healthy and Dest and McKinnie better integrated into the team -- we could be starting to build something.

  34. Santiago 1314 replied, September 9, 2021 at 10:59 p.m.

    Sure enough Charles...Wasn't that the Truth... I'll bet Cindy had the BOD on Speed Dial.  Not sure I ever Screamed at the TV, In Anger so much, and Joy so Much, all within 45 minutes.!!!

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