U.S. Open Cup: Six of 26 weekend matches declared forfeits

The opening rounds of local qualifying for the 2022 U.S. Open Cup were marred by forfeits related to issues teams were having register players.

Of the 26 first- or second-round games scheduled to be played this weekend, six were forfeited and a seventh was postponed, based on statements issued by the clubs or reporting by TheCup.us. In other cases, teams were shorthanded, playing without a full complement of field players.

U.S. Soccer has not yet reported the outcomes of first- or second-round games.

The confusion centers around issues related to registration forms required to be submitted to U.S. Soccer, which organizes the tournament.

On Wednesday, USASA president John Motta tweetedthat registration forms for players playing this weekend would not be required until the next rounds in October. There will be 64 teams that will take part in the second round, including 36 that had first-round byes. Three former Open Cup champions -- New York Greek Americans, New York Pancyprian Freedoms and Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals -- took part in first-round action. Only the Pancyprian Freedoms advanced, and that was via forfeit.

A total of 11 slots up for grabs in local qualifiers: four in the Northeast, three in the West and two each in the Southeast and Central.

New York's  Lansdowne Bhoys have qualified for the 2022 Open Cup by virtue of winning the USASA's 2021 National Amateur Cup.

Northeast Region
Sept. 18 in Philadelphia, Pa.

Philadelphia Lone Star FC 8 Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals 2
(Bill Walleekendeh scored a hat trick, Patrick Singbah and Kanibah Kutu-Akoi added two goals apiece.)

Sept. 18 in Malden, Mass.
Kendall Wanderers (Mass.) vs. Newtown Pride FC (Conn.)
(TheCup.us:  Match postponed.)

Sept. 18 in Warwick, N.Y.
New Amsterdam FC ll (N.Y.) vs. NY Pancyprian Freedoms
(NY Pancyprian Freedoms win on forfeit.)

Sept. 18 in Monroeville, Pa.
Pittsburgh City United FC 0 Italian American SC Boom (N.Y.) 4

Sept. 18 in Washington, D.C.
Districtonia Futbol vs. Alianza FC (Va.)
(Districtonia Futbol wins on forfeit.)

Sept. 18 in Washington, D.C.
TheCup.us: DC Cheddar 5 Corinto FC (Va.) 1

Sept. 18 in Leesburg, Va.
NoVa FC (Va.) 2 Springfield FC (Va.) 0

Sept. 18 in Clifton, N.J.
EFA Metro (N.J.) vs. Jackson Lions FC (N.J.)
(TheCup.us: Jackson Lions FC wins on forfeit.)

Sept. 19 in Randolph, Mass.
Brockton FC United (Mass.) 5 Unations FC (Mass.) 3

Sept. 19 in Ambler, Pa.
United German Hungarians (Pa.) 1 Vereinigung Erzgebirge (Pa.) 2

Sept. 19 in Lynchburg, Va.
Lynchburg FC (Va.) vs. Aegean Hawks FC (Md.)
(Lynchburg FC wins on forfeit.)

Sept. 19 in O'Fallon, Ill.
FC Maritsa (Ill.) vs. Lexington Landsharks (Ky.)
(FC Maritsa wins on forfeit.)

Sept. 19 in Woodbridge, Va.
No report: C.A. United (Va.) vs. Rockville Soccer Club (Md.)

Sept. 19 in Rockville Centre, N.Y.
Oyster Bay United FC (N.Y.) 0 New York Greek Americans 0
(Oyster Bay United FC wins 3-2 on penalties.)

Sept. 19 in Clifton, N.J.
TheCup.us: New Jersey Alliance FC 2 Westchester United FC (N.Y.) 5

Sept. 19 in Woodbridge, Va.
TheCup.us: Toros FC (Va.) 2 Virginia United FC 4.

Southeast Region
Sept. 18 in West Palm Beach, Fla.

TheCup.us: City Soccer FC (Fla.) 3 Miami Sun FC (Fla.) 2

Sept. 18 in Christmas, Fla.
No report: Orlando FC Wolves (Fla.) vs. Deportivo Lake Mary FC (Fla.)

Byes (14): Florida: Florida Brothers, Florida Soccer Soldiers, Hurricane FC, International Soccer Association, Miami Beach Club de Futbol, Miami Soccer Academy, Naples City FC, Oceanway FC, Palm Beach Breakers, Red Force FC; Georgia: Atletico Atlanta, Georgia Revolution FC Reserves, Georgia Storm FC; South Carolina: South Carolina United Heat

Central Region
Sept. 12 in Denver, Colo.

FC Denver 0 Peak XI FC (Colo.) 0
(Peak XI FC wins 4-3 on penalties.)

Sept. 15 in Commerce City, Colo.
Harpos FC (Colo.) 1 FC Union Jerez (Colo.) 0

Sept. 18 in Dallas, Texas
Lone Star Republic (Texas) vs. D'Feeters Kicks SC (Texas)
(TheCup.us: D'Feeters Kicks SC on forfeit.)

Sept. 18 in El Paso, Texas
Southwest FC (Texas) 1 San Antonio Runners (Texas) 6

Sept. 19 in Houston, Texas 
Houston Hotshots 3 Athletic Katy FC 1.

Sept. 19 in Golden, Colo.
TheCup.us: Colorado Rovers 2 Athletic Club of Sloan's Lake (Colo.) 1

Sept. 19 in Broomfield, Colo.
Boulder United FC (Colo.) 0 Gam United FC (Colo.) 3

Sept. 19 in Arvada, Colo.
TheCup.us: Colorado Rush 1 Azteca FC (Colo.) 4

West Region
Sept. 18 in Davis, Calif.

FC Davis (Calif.) 4 Davis Legacy SC (Calif.) 3

Sept. 18 in San Diego, Calif.
Gremio FC San Diego (Calif.) 0 Rebels SC (Calif.) 7
(Hat tricks by Marco Gutierrez and Arturo Hoyos Olvera.)

Byes (22): California: Capistrano FC, Chula Vista FC, Contra Costa FC, Desert Communities SC Pathfinders, El Farolito, Escondido FC, Inter San Francisco, JASA RWC, L.A. Monsters FC, Metro FC, Modesto City Football Club, Oakland Stompers, Outbreak FC, Real San Jose, Real Sociedad Royals, Rose City FC, San Fernando Valley FC, Sporting ID11, Trojans FC, White Tigers FC; Nevada: BattleBornFC, Villarreal Las Vegas.
4 comments about "U.S. Open Cup: Six of 26 weekend matches declared forfeits".
  1. Wallace Wade, September 19, 2021 at 9:20 a.m.

    Sounds like quite a Circus! I would love to read more in depth about this debacle. I'm hearing the Federation just wasn't processing or responding to these requests. 

  2. R2 Dad, September 20, 2021 at 1:45 a.m.

    And now I know the only other person (aside from my father) who still has an AOL account.

  3. Wallace Wade, September 20, 2021 at 7:31 a.m.

    We need to hear an apology and explanation from Cindy Parlow-Cone. The Commissioner needs to lose his gig. People need to resign 

  4. R2 Dad replied, September 20, 2021 at 1:15 p.m.

    US Soccer doesn't care about this. The Open Cup is about priority #18, just ahead of youth development in this country.

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