USMNT: Tyler Adams joins Christian Pulisic and Gio Reyna on sidelines

Christian Pulisic (ankle) and Gio Reyna (hamstring) have not played since being injured while playing for the USA in World Cup 2022 qualifying in early September.

Now, Tyler Adams is sidelined.

That puts the USA in danger of missing  arguably its three most important players when it begins gathering again in a week.

Pulisic, Reyna and Adams all missed games on Saturday. Adams missed RB Leipzig's 6-0 win over Hertha Berlin -- its first win in five games -- with what the Bundesliga club described as a "muscle issue."
Of the 12 players called up for September qualifiers with games in Europe on Saturday, only seven played.

Adams, Pulisic and Reyna all play for teams that will have midweek games in the UEFA Champions League followed by league games over the week.

Tyler Adams, RB Leipzig (Tuesday: Club Brugge; Saturday: Bochum);
Christian Pulisic, Chelsea (Wednesday: at Juventus, Saturday, Southampton); and
Gio Reyna, Bor. Dortmund (Tuesday: Sporting Lisbon; Saturday: Augsburg).

If they miss their two club games, it is unlikely they will travel to join the national team for its three qualifiers in October.

USMNT Saturday:
12 had games;
7 played;
2 on bench;
3 did not dress;
7 started;
1 scored;
1 assisted.

USMNT September Roster:
Ethan Horvath (Nott. Forest/ENG D2), on bench (1-1 vs. Millwall)
Zack Steffen (Man. City/ENG), on bench (1-0 at Chelsea)


John Brooks (Wolfsburg/GER), 90 minutes (1-3 at Hoffenheim)
Sergiño Dest (Barcelona/ESP), Sunday vs. Levante
Mark McKenzie (Genk/BEL), Sunday vs. Seraing
Tim Ream (Fulham/ENG D2), 90 minutes (1-1 at Bristol City)
Antonee Robinson (Fulham/ENG D2), 90 minutes (1-1 at Bristol City)
DeAndre Yedlin (Galatasaray/TUR), Sunday vs. Goztepe


Tyler Adams (RB Leipzig/GER), did not dress (6-0 vs. Hertha Berlin)
Weston McKennie (Juventus/ITA), Sunday vs. Sampdoria


Brenden Aaronson (RB Salzburg/AUT), 65 minutes (2-0 at Wolfsberger AC)
Konrad de la Fuente (Marseille/FRA), Sunday vs. Lens
Jordan Pefok (Young Boys/SUI), 69 minutes, 1 goal (2-1 vs. St. Gallen)
Christian Pulisic (Chelsea/ENG), did not dress (0-1 vs. Man. City)
Gio Reyna (Borussia Dortmund/GER), did not dress (0-1 at Bor. M'Gladbach)
Josh Sargent (Norwich City/ENG), 90 minutes (0-2 at Everton)
Tim Weah (Lille/FRA), 90 minutes, 1 assist (2-1 at Strasbourg

Others of note:
Gianluca Busio (Venezia/ITA), Monday vs. Torino
Reggie Cannon (Boavista/POR), Monday vs. Estoril
Nicholas Gioacchini (Montpellier/FRA), sub-2 minutes (0-2 at Paris SG)
Matthew Hoppe (Real Mallorca/ESP), Sunday vs. Osasuna
Shaq Moore (Tenerife/ESPN D2), on bench (1-3 at Almeria)
Chris Richards (Hoffenheim), 90 minutes, 1 assist (3-1 vs. Wolfsburg)
Joe Scally (Bor. M'Gladbach), 90 minutes (1-0 vs. Bor. Dortmund)
17 comments about "USMNT: Tyler Adams joins Christian Pulisic and Gio Reyna on sidelines".
  1. frank schoon, September 26, 2021 at 9:31 a.m.

    Amazing isn't it for all three to l play under Turbo conditions under TURBO type coaches .....DUH.

    We all were hoping that our boys going to Europe would learn to play more of a sophisticated style, getting away from our own Turbo style,  but unfortunately guess where they all end up? Germany ,turbo land and the most Turbo team of Turbo land, DORTMUNT,GERMANY (POOR REYNA and CP)

    Then we have our own turbo coach coming from another turbo country USA ( jesse Marsche) coaching in Germany. Poor Tyler!!! Look at CP going to England ,hoping that he was saved from Turbo, but ends up in England, not much  better, but at least he's coached by Frank Lampard, who actually knows and played the game at a high level. That is great, you think , but all of sudden guess who takes over, Thomas Tuchel ,'Mister Turbo' himself, CP's old coach at Dortmunt.

    Guys ,this is a mess, sorry but I think this is no coincidence here why these are hurt....and interesting enough all have 'muscle' problems...hmmm

  2. frank schoon replied, September 26, 2021 at 9:43 a.m.

    I have to admit at Ajax some of the foreing players , of which I remember was a Portugese player, who stated he gets headache because he had to constantly think the game, meaning he had to think a step ahead or two, how should the be passed, to which foot, to which is the better option,etc.,......As a result he was always so tired after the game or practice.

    At least these new players at Ajax have to only take a tylenol for their headache for having to use their mind more, as compared to those Turbo types who need to sit out. This particular player stated that he had think so much more about the game itself...The reason is that at Ajax, they believe it is better for the ball to do the running rather than the player and it is also a faster way of playing for you can't outrun the ball.....

    One can only IMAGINE if Ajax trained all our soccer our American players how many Tylenols tablets would have to be taken...for American players have no clue about thinking the game ;for they first have to learn to wipe the foam off their mouths due to all the extra running.. You can also imagine the American coaches having to get use thinking the game for obviously if and when they begin to try and think the game, immediately we'll see an improvement in our players....

  3. Wooden Ships replied, September 26, 2021 at 3:14 p.m.

    Frank, one of my players after graduation took a job in Germany. She called me and said she had joined a German women's team that traveled throughout the country, 2003. Told me they had practiced two weeks straight and still hadn't touched a ball. She was strong, fast and had soft feet. She eventually tired of the style. 

  4. frank schoon replied, September 26, 2021 at 3:49 p.m.

    Good lord, Ships, we need to get our kids away German soccer ,  only because what we need to improve on IS NOT RUNNING AND FIGHTING, we got plenty of that element in our training over the years here....

    Supposedly ,Germans decided after WC2002 to change their style of game ,running and the like, to a more technical ,thinking game. They did that as they decided to hire van Gaal, Guardiola at Bayern that became the flagship of how soccer should be played. They did improve but i got the feeling that after Guardiola left Germany they have watered down their improvements and gotton back to more  of their old DNA of running, and fighting. WC'14 was the last time I thought german soccer had reached its zenith and not it's go to old its old more... Just look at Dortmunt, the running machine, Klopp way of coaching and now Tuchel turbo.... This is not good for German soccer and worse for German development.

    And worse, I'm afraid Ships, it will influence college soccer, especially the coaching angle of it.

    Why can't the USSF coaching school begin with one aspect of improving the coaching by simply go on one aspect only but it is a large aspect which is....To coach we the underlying INTENT of LETTING THE BALL DO THE RUNNING...... Can you imagine what a change in training and thinking this would entail, especially technical and ofcourse tactical.... More Tylenol please, :)

  5. Bob Ashpole replied, September 26, 2021 at 10:23 p.m.

    Frank, after a while the new guys will adapt to the style and the headaches will stop. 

    From my viewpoint any good amateur should be deliberately passing to a foot. By the time someone is a pro, their passing should be a matter of knowing how you want the ball to go and then you do it without thinking about the technique you use. In other words, tactics is what you think about and technique should be transparent. You can call it clumping or whatever, but the decision making goes faster, rather than become more difficult.

  6. John Sabala replied, September 27, 2021 at 2:24 p.m.

    Frank, I think many times you are off topic.  Vroom soccer being one of them.  Athletes today are bigger, faster, more agile and more athletic than the past.  The development of human beings.  It is why we see sporting records broken at the olympics and world competitions.   So soccer has faster, stonger, more agile and the athletic players than in the past.  In many ways soccer is evolving to try and keep pace with the atheletes.  You can't coach pure speed and speed with technical skill will win the day on the soccer pitch.  Now for the injuries, both CP and Reyna were injured in CONCACAF WC games getting the crap beat out of them when they were on the ball, not with their clubs.  Adams injury is one that happens with many players playing at the high level of competition they see every day.  It is not play soccer as fast as you can.  I have now lived in Germany for over 12 years and I can tell you it is not vroom soccer and they develop players with technical and tactical skills.  CP spent most of his injured time at Chelsea under Frank Lampard.  CP has had more meaningful field time with Tuchel, so not sure where you got your facts from on that point. 

    As far as the style of play, there are many great forms out there.  The Italians don't play Vroom or power soccer, nor do the Spanish. The Croatians certainly don't do that.  Physical soccer you speak of is played by Russia, Ukraine on occasion, Nigeria, France and England (a bit).  It comes down to a coach understanding how to use his players and to form a playing style that puts their strengths on the pitch as a cohesive group.  The best example of this is PSG this year as that group of superstars just does not play well together. 


  7. frank schoon replied, September 27, 2021 at 3:29 p.m.

    John , first oN CP, how long was he injured playing at Dortmunt before he was traded to Chelsea, and how 'bout Tyler he had an injury spill in Germany way before he was ever injured at Concacrap...

    Yes, soccer has gotten faster, more physical, but not more technical and not smarter. You run and fight more when you have less skills. The game has not gotten better technically as a matter of fact it has gotten worse. As Cruyff stated if you compare players ,technically speaking, when he played to todays players, the former would be an 8 and latter a 5. Not only that, players of the generation  Cruyff grew up in ,like myself, played street soccer 20-40 hrs a week. I think perhaps in the most poorest countries like in Africa, or in South America we can still see the youth experiencing many ,many hours of soccer. That is all we did, we had no computers ,other sports, perhaps judo, and some other real minor sports but soccer was it. Players coming out of that generation had so much more skills and touch on the ball than the youth developing today and you can see that even with today's pros. You think Zlatan would have lasted at his age in European soccer when Cruyff played?  

    Today ,you have difficulty seeing a decent cross made with the ball, or an outside of the foot pass for instance. The backline is so stiff especially the centerbacks....OH, do I harken back to the days when Beckenbauer moved up with the ball. Everything today is packaged and programmed. There our guys out there with coaching license that couldn't take on lamppost 1v1.

    Individuality has gone down tremendously and  coaching have come in way to early to the youth, thus influencing the youth development in a negative way. Unlike in my street soccer days in Amsterdam, for instance, the only time you saw a coach was at practice at Ajax. Realize the coaches in those days didn't have to worry about teaching technique and skill for the players had that already coming from the streets...Furthermore in the streets playing soccer was with mixed ages so you learn quickly from better players and learn to defend yourself better against better players. Like Cruyff and Michels stated the streets were the best training grounds to develop as player...                      
                                                            NEXT POST

  8. frank schoon replied, September 27, 2021 at 3:53 p.m.

    I blame Rinus Michels for much of what has happened to technical demise of the game as well the growth of the physical and running part of the game. The tempo training and all the hard stuff began when other coaches started copying Rinus Michels way of playing Total Soccer.
     Coaches began studying, watching and copying his training methods. You know what they saw was a lot of running, tough play, physical endeavors and more importantly Rinus didn't work on skills , technique.  They figured that's how he did it, but how WRONG they were, these coaches. 

    They overlooked one IMPORTANT aspect. Michels didn't stress skills in his training because he had nothing but great technical players ,who learned their game in the streets, they had technique up the Whazoo!!!!
    Michels stated, 'why waste my time on skills instead work on things they can still improve on'.

    SO NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY... This is what hurt the beautiful game of soccer, actually you can't blame Michels but those stupid coaches, like today's coaches they just copy other coaches ,they aren't creative themselves...Like they all go to the coaching with notebook and pen and sit writing things. 

    The more one runs the less skill you can apply, and the faster the lesser, it is just a simple axiom of physics and as well the thinking is minimized. I love a player coming at me full speed while I stand and make slight feint and just watch him go past me... Speed in a game is not about running as I stated before, but it has to do more with the inner details of the game. For example, when I played I would watch whether my opponent had a large nose or one of a smaller size, that tells me right away what to expect as far as air in take when he moves. Or how you stand on the field before the game, for how you stand or lean tells me if you're left or right footed. The field, if it is nice or clumpy tells me how I want the speed of the pass that needs to be given. Or in some games ,I notice before the game where the best looking chics are than I favor player more on that side.....You got to be aware of the environment for there nothing that excites my competitive juices than playing in front of some nice looking girls....

    It is not about outrunning your opponent but out thinking him... You play according to how your opponent plays as far as quickness or speed. For example, if I have a fast opponent behind me and I ask for the ball , I want my teammate to pass me the ball at a slower pace coming to me. Why, because character like "speedy Gonzalez'  prefer their speed, tend to jump at the chance to intercept the pass to me. I know that the 'brainless' speedy Gonzalez will not get the ball for i'm prepared and by doing so he will committed and I will have a step on him which is all I need....

  9. frank schoon replied, September 27, 2021 at 4:19 p.m.

    John, I employed the term VROOM VROOM as a license of expression .Don't take it literally....Of course Croatian don't play VROOM,VROOM. But who comes closes to that are the Germans and English....There is not much difference between the two in that matter.

    Germany, had great players when Cruyff played. I could watch Beckenbauer all day, as matter of fact I made a CD compilation of his passing alone. He had a passing ability that today's pros don't have . As a matter they have difficulty with an outside of the foot a la Beckenbauer. Beckenbauer stated that Germany does not produce nice skilled player but hard workers. Sacrificing the skill element the Germans emphasize running. Much of their passing can become 50/50 balls, they like that fight. It is in their blood. The dutch don't and can't play like the Germans ,they would get their ass beat every time, its not in the DNA.

    And ofcourse they developed players technically and tactically, I never said that. The Germans improved decided to improve their style and training after WC2002.They realized German soccer needed a big improvement. And that is what you have noticed in your 12years in Germany. But Germany , also has a culture of hard work, fighting, running, which is in their DNA that won't change. Guardiola's made a point of that in his book when he coached there. In addition, the running DNA is ever present there.  I heard the previous fired Dortmunt coach say that  what is most important-RUNNING. This new Dortmunt coach, the first thing that came out of his mouth in the interview was, RUN,RUN,RUN. And true to form he criticized the new Dutch that he wants him to run run more.

    Interesting, Helmut Haller a German great was told to run more by his coach thinking he could become a better player....what happened was it changed his body rhythm and thinking and became worse for it . This happened with van Hanegem a dutch great. The told him he needs to run more and what happened it messed up his rhythm for the players play according his own constitution. You can't be messing with that aspect. What the coaching didn't realize speed can be effective by how one thinks ahead. Van Hanegem was the smartest out there and was always on time and that is the most important element, not how much one runs...

  10. Bob Ashpole replied, September 27, 2021 at 5:44 p.m.

    John, you make several points that I believe are mistaken. 

    You draw generalizations in the assumption that everyone in a country plays the same way. Usually the best professional clubs are exceptions to the general trends. Being exceptional is the cause of their success.

    You also assume that athletes today are somehow genetically superior to past generations. You give no credit to better nutrition, medical care, athlete development and training methods.

    You give too much value to pure speed. Soccer is not a track event. Pure speed only has value in 2 situations--1) backs making recovery runs after a defensive mistake, and 2) forwards in kick and run attacks. Playing smart is far more effective than pure speed.

    The most important quality of a successful team is speed of play. There are many different labels for overall speed--I like tactical speed. And it is absolutely coachable starting at the fundamental stage of development.

    Regarding your claim that pure speed is not trainable, you are misinformed. The most important speed in soccer is first step quickness. Most soccer movements are less than 50 yards. For some positions, all are less. That means that all movements are acceleration movements. Those are trainable.

  11. Bob Ashpole replied, September 27, 2021 at 5:49 p.m.

    I forgot to add that speed endurance is far more important than pure speed. How fast a player runs in the first 10 seconds of a match is not as important as how fast he plays over the next 120 minutes. Speed endurance is also trainable.

  12. Sean Guillory, September 26, 2021 at 5:13 p.m.

    Hmm...let's See Germany..,4 World Cup wins, Holland, big fat zero...Germany, 3 Euro wins, Holland, 1.  Is anyone, really listening to this continued commentary of Dutch soccer and Ajax being superior?  I would rather put players learn in a Germany and how to win vs the soft tired Dutch way of playing.  Our players for some reason are just injury prone.  Can't tell you why but Pulisic and Adams tend to always be injured.  Some in the same leagues they play in seem to never get injured.  Maybe they need to see why they have that disposition.

  13. Seth Vieux replied, September 27, 2021 at 12:27 a.m.

    While certainly a fan of the Dutch style myself, have to tip the cap to you that despite Frank's immovably consistent commentary, the constant poo pooing of German soccer in particular will always run up against the truly immovable record of the German negation all team in comparison to the Dutch. Which is not to say the Dutch haven't generally punched well above their weight and are rightfully proud of the Dutch influence on the game in the overall context, but to pretend that Germans are trash in this game and that the Dutch are the certain pinnacle..... it's ridiculous. The Eredivise is no joy to watch on any given weekend, the great majority of the consistent top flight teams do not play beautiful football, and any random draw pairings across the Bundesliga and Eredivise would result in a comfortable advantage in wins for the German sides. Same if you matched 1v1, 2v2 to the bottom of the table.

    The Dutch influence is a treasure for sure, but pretending it is the only correct way belies reality.

  14. frank schoon replied, September 27, 2021 at 8:48 a.m.

    Seth, you made some good points I agree. I don't watch dutch soccer unless it is between Ajax and Feyenoord or PSV. So far this season, I've only  watched one-half of the Ajax game yesterday. I think I watched more games coming from England like City vs Chesea, than what is shown in  Holland. I never watch French soccer nor Italian unless Zlatan is playing, never watch German soccer, only if Dortmunt is playing juist to see how Reyna is doing. Although when Guardiola coached Bayern, I would watch Bayern soccer as much as possible. I never watch Scottish soccer, if you want to call it that. And I have yet to watch a Spanish game, although I did watch Barca play in the CL. Actually I watch a lot of old games on Youtube for I find that to be more pleasing to the eye.

     My preference goes out to see HOW the game is played. For example, I'm not a fan of English soccer but I've probably seen more English games than anything else, like City vs Chelsea. My interest in that game is to look at the difference in style play and coaching. That's all i'm interested in. 

    I'm not interested in seeing a particular team that I want to see win, unlike your average soccer fan. I'm more interest in the "why's and how's" , the rest I could care less about. Often, if I'm at a stadium watching a game, I don't even know who scored because I'm busy looking at the technical, and tactical aspects of what just happened prior or what should happen next in relation  to who is capable and who positioned else where.

    So when you say the dutch have punched well above their weight and have had a major influence in the soccer is played world wide, then ask yourself Why? Why is such a little country with a small population produced such great players ,coaches, and good soccer. Those are the Why's and How's . Those why's and how's , those principles of soccer, has given this sh*t little country so much to the world of soccer. 
                                                        NEXT POST

  15. frank schoon replied, September 27, 2021 at 9:10 a.m.

    Soccer in general bores me. I will only watch Ajax for they try to play a more pure game, as Beckenbauer states, which it more difficult to play and carry and it is enjoyable to watch the little details of the game the fan doesn't see or aware of. German soccer bores me and you're right many of the dutch teams would lose or have tough time against a German teams. Bergkamp admitted if he grew playing in Germany ,he would not have gotten anywhere, and Cruyff likewise when you at his build...German is a different soccer, in which power, running, clashes are involved.

    If the Dutch played that way they would always lose to other countries like the Italians, Spanish, English , you name it. That's why the dutch had to play a  smarter game to avoid physical clashes,avoid running and battles , thinking a step ahead, make passes so they don't become 50/50 balls, look for open space and position to avoid battles,  perform technical skills that won't make you lose the ball and force to fight. There is a lot of brainwork involved in order for dutch to compete with the big,burly boys....There is a reason why the European player of the century was a dutchman and likewise coach of the 20th century was a dutchman. Why wasn't it a German , after all, they have won many WC and prizes. I think those in the know picked Holland instead German for the same reason why I prefer dutch style of soccer to German..

    There are many roads that lead to Rome, the German way, the Italian way, the Brazilian way, etc....It is what you like. I prefer the dutch way, I'm not saying it is the best way. It depends upon your taste of soccer. The Germans have won a lot a WC , It must follow than that they play the best soccer, so be it. To those if that makes you happy, fine. It is not important to me in the overal scheme of things for I go beyond that and look more deeper at the inner details of the game.

  16. Philip Carragher, September 27, 2021 at 12:57 p.m.

    We need more attractive soccer. We need the beautiful game, not the brutal game. This is a long term approach, not something that will get us qualified for Qatar, but without entertaining, aesthetically pleasing soccer, our progress towards national respecibility will continue at a snail's pace. Most Americans find soccer boring. Even really good players that played at close to the highest levels here in the U.S. watch Monday Night Football before they watch our national teams play. They usually don't even know they're playing. We need more fans in the seats and they won't go unless they're entertained. Wenger is right: soccer should be entertaining. If we had more fans at games, maybe our more agile athletes wouldn't drop soccer for another sport, one that's respected. More artistry, virtuosity, suprise rather than repetitive practice drills: long ball down the wing and cross it. Ugh. Unfortunately the fans need to be at the games, in the stands, to bear witness to the beautiful game. It doesn't come across well on TV.

  17. frank schoon replied, September 27, 2021 at 1:32 p.m.

    It doesn't wel on TV because we don't players to watch like ZLATAN in the MLS.....You need players that can put players in the stands. The problem is that our player development in this country is not geared to nice individualism. We don't have creative individuals who can do things with a ball.

    Considering we have creative individuals in Basketball, why not in soccer here, that is. Creative Individuals need an outlet to become creative. They need a forum which is PICKUP SOCCER LIKE we have in PICKUP Basketball. Thank God,that we don't have A-licensed basketball coaches hanging around the basketball courts for these individuals who are on their way to become creative basketball players instead would probably turn out to be stiffs like what happens to our soccer playing youth......There is no excuse for the type of boring stiff like soccer players we produce in a country that's light years ahead of any other country producing indidualism....Which is our Hallmark as long the 'woke' doesnt' get involved.....

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