Watch: A record-setting golazo from UW-Milwaukee

Jelena Sever's shot from the kickoff hit the Youngstown State net at the 3.2 second mark, breaking the record for fastest NCAA goal previously held at 4.0 seconds by Sylvia Forbes (Purdue/2009) and Yael Averbuch (North Carolina/2006), according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"I looked at the other team's formation where the goalkeeper was standing, and my first thought was we're just not going to go for this half-field shot today," Sever said. "I hear my coach yell my name, and I look over and he just tilts his head very subtly, and I just looked again and thought, 'OK, she's pretty far out.' I just went for it."

The Panthers went on to beat Youngstown State, 7-0, to improve the Panthers' record to 9-1-0.

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