What They're Saying: Michelle Betos

"You may not see it, because this is a league of strong, strong women, but people are hurting. I had so much respect standing in that circle looking at those North Carolina girls knowing what they were going through. You could see their eyes well up, even for that time period. This goes way back. Some of us played for him in Portland. I played for him in club growing up. There's a bunch of his club girls here. This is something that has affected a lot of the soccer world. And I think that minute for us was really hard, but I think the testament to the strength of this entire league is that we are playing through this right now, and playing at a high level."

-- Racing Louisville goalkeeper and captain Michelle Betos on the minute of silence that was held in the 6th minute of Wednesday's NWSL game between the North Carolina Courage and Louisville, their first game since play was halted following revelations that led to the firing of Courage head coach Paul Riley. Betos played in Portland in 2015 with Mana Shim and Sinead Farrelly, who charged Riley with sexual coercion. Betos was born in Queens and played for Riley on the Albertson Fury of the Long Island Junior Soccer League, which produced U.S. world champions Allie Long and Crystal Dunn. (wdrb.com)
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