What They're Saying: Becky Sauerbrunn

"Throughout my career as a professional player, there has always been that underlying fear that should the league get too much bad publicity or should players speak up, the league would just fold. I think that is a pervasive feeling amongst a lot of players. As a national team player, I have also felt that pressure that our participation in the league was contingent on the league actually existing. I think that has been felt by a lot of different players at a lot of levels. The outrageousness of this year, with the amount of coaches that have been fired, now with the allegations of sexual misconduct, it's just been too much. And if you want to talk about when is that feeling of, 'OK, we have to stop protecting the league. We need to start protecting ourselves,' that definitely happened this year. You've seen that in all the players coming together, the demonstrations, the demands from the PAs to protect the players."

-- U.S. women's national team captain Becky Sauerbrunn on the sense of fragility around the NWSL in which she has played since its launch in 2013. She also played for the Washington Freedom and magicJack in WPS.
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