Women's College Cup: Florida State's fortunes change in final

Goals were hard to come by at this year's Women's College Cup.

BYU came into the final four as the highest-scoring team in the country, but both its two matches in Santa Clara ended in scoreless ties.

The Cougars survived missing their first two shots in the shootout against the host Broncos in the semifinals to advance, 3-2. But in the final, their two misses were the difference as Florida State won, 4-3, to capture its third national championship in eight years.

The Seminoles scored the only goal in three games when they beat Rutgers, 1-0, in the semifinals.

U.S. international Jaelin Howell, who was the goalscorer against Rutgers, was the protagonist of the final. She was issued a yellow card in the 31st minute for a foul on Mikayla Colohan that forced the BYU All-American to the sidelines for the rest of the first half. Howell was lucky to stay on the field in the 83rd minute when she took down Rachel McCarthy in the open field.

Howell was one of the four Seminoles to convert their penalty kicks in the shootout along with Clara Robbins, Heather Payne and fellow All-American Yujie Zhao.

They are no strangers to shootouts. In the spring, FSU lost to Santa Clara in the final, its third straight match in the pandemic-delayed tournament that was decided from the penalty spot.

The goalkeeper in the three matches was Cristina Roque, who stopped Jamie Shepherd and Bella Folino, on BYU's second and fourth shots.
“I feel like I had a lot of trust in my teammates, everyone who was stepping up to kick the ball, especially [Zhao] finishing it off” said Roque. “I feel like everyone is behind me, no matter which way it goes, just how last year it didn’t just go our way and everyone was behind me then. I knew whatever happened this year they were going to be behind me. I’m not gonna lie it does feel better here.”

Dec. 6 in Santa Clara, Calif.
Florida State 0 BYU 0.

Florida State -- Roque; Pavlisko, Carle, Madril, Howell, Flynn, Nighswonger, Robbins, Payne, Brown, Olsson. Subs: Bissell, Lynch, Alagoa, Zhao.
BYU -- C.Smith, G.Johnson, L.Vaka, O.Smith, Colohan, Wade, Shepherd, Petersen, Moore, Mozingo, Tucker. Subs: Maughan, Gardner, Folino, McCarthy.
Att.: 7,087.
(FSU wins 4-3 on penalties.)

8 comments about "Women's College Cup: Florida State's fortunes change in final".
  1. R2 Dad, December 7, 2021 at 2:40 a.m.

    Would be easier to follow along if NCAA adopted FIFA LOTG instead of that dumb countdown clock nonsense.

  2. stewart hayes, December 7, 2021 at 8:19 a.m.

    'Howell was lucky to stay on the field in the 83rd minute when she took down Rachel McCarthy in the open field.', you can say that again. She should have been shown a straight red for her first foul.  

  3. frank schoon, December 7, 2021 at 9:40 a.m.

    This game wasn't boring. I actually watched the whole thing...BYU was the stronger team, they completely destroyed FSU way of playing. It wasn't that BYU played a better brand of soccer, but how BYU played threw FSU rhythm of play completely off kilter and that is really what you need to do- CHANGE TEAM RHYTHM.  FSU couldn't make two good passes in a row. They had less time on the ball for BYU didn't give them much time to look and play with it.. For example , how many did their chinese midfielder who is always good at holding on to the ball lose it, she ended playing a different style of game(RHYTHM,again).

    BYU deserve to come away with the cup for FSU was totally clueless for they couldn't play FSU style of soccer, they were under pressure the whole time. Midway through the second half, both teams were getting so tired, taking more time to get up off the ground. TOO MUCH TURBO!!!!!
    There is no way a player can keep this up, turbo running for everything....

    The coaches should know better....if you're going to pressure a team then do it in a way that you direct where you want to institute the pressure. But to go for every ball and apply pressure is NUTS and it can be ineffective and energy WASTING.. Certain players shouldn't be pressured but allow them to have the ball, because of they lack intelligence or technique or both. For example, this is how the False #9 came about which began with the Hungarians of the 50's instituted by the centerforward Hidegkuti.  By dropping back, the centerback didn't know what to do since he didn't have a man to cover. And certainly you want him to have the ball for he was the least of the ball handlers ,who is not used to having a ball. This is why a coach should know which defenders in the opponents backfield are not good at building up an attack from the back for you allow him to have the ball during 'high pressure' situations. HINT...most players have difficulty building up from the back, because; ONE, they are used to defending not creating; TWO, technically speaking, very few defenders can make a good INITIAL pass out of the backfield towards a midfielder.  The initial pass ,has to have the RIGHT velocity, received to the CORRECT foot(furthest away from the opponent) ,and THREE, the pass has CONTINUITY of play, meaning it won't be passed back but to create an offense manuever with the third man facing downfield.

                                                              NEXT POST

  4. Chris Keeney replied, December 7, 2021 at 3 p.m.

    Wah, wah... GO NOLES!

  5. frank schoon, December 7, 2021 at 10:19 a.m.

    Coming back to high pressure defense and choosing where you pressure and not run like a bunch headless chickens after opponents like in last nights game, I refer to an interview with Jan Wouter, captain of the Ajax , and the dutch NT, and Bayern. At Bayern the German coach had wanted to play defense like how the dutch played in '74WC and Ajax. He watched 'total-soccer' of the dutch and saw how they all ran and pressured the opponents surprising them and give them no time with the ball. So he told the Bayern players just run at your opponents. Wouters told the German coach, that this was not how you pressure the opponents. There are specific moments, that you have to know, that are recognized when to pressure the opponents and that began with Cruyff giving the sign to pressure...

    Like today the REAL PRINCIPLES  of soccer have become watered down along with the REAL INSIGHTS pertaining to the HOWs have disappeared. For example, Rinus Michels would bench a back if he ever passed to a wing ahead of him ,he would bench him for it is considered being the worse you can ever make, as far as technique and tactics go....But today, coaches have no clue in how to play high pressure and allowing bad passes made to the wing....It is IRONIC today's coaches have the up-todate technology, computer programs, diets, special communication gear, a special bench filled with assistant coaches, distance a player ran, but somehow the coaches have been dumbed down and are clueless to the real HOWs of the game, the real inside knowledge, which you can still learn from the "old" ones....

    Technically , I find the girls lacking in good heading skills as well as one-touch passing in small spaces and shooting. When they enter into the opponent's third, they lack good technically applied in-tight movements with the ball.  Also many pass the ball awkwardly applying a hip motion not leg motion,when making a short range ground pass

    A coach should practice as much 11v11 ,half-field, with full goals in order for their players to learn to play faster, play smarter. It would help their game technically ,postionally, and visually and then when you unleash them on full field ,they feel like they so much more time with the ball even though they might be under pressure....

  6. beautiful game replied, December 7, 2021 at 10:20 p.m.

    Frank makes some v.g. observations. And even though BYU had better skilled players, they all lacked that instictive decision-making process & efficacy when moment most matters. 

  7. frank schoon replied, December 7, 2021 at 10:41 p.m.

    BG , you are right. We don't have killer instinct in women soccer up front. Have you noticed how many games go into penalty shots. I can only imagine how pathetic women's would become if they begin to employ"parking the bus" as defense measure...

  8. John DiFiore, December 7, 2021 at 8:26 p.m.


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