What They're Saying: Cindy Parlow Cone

“There’s no denying that money that we have to pay our national teams is money that’s not reinvested in the game. And people can take that perspective. But the way I look at it is that our job is to try to figure out how all three groups can work together to grow the pie so that everyone is benefiting.”

-- U.S. Soccer president Cindy Parlow Cone on the additional millions of dollars that the federation will pay out to members of the USMNT and USWNT under the terms of the new collective bargaining agreements reached with their respective player associations and their effects on its broader mission. The teams will continue to be two highest-compensated national teams in the world, but the federation is also counting on its revenues to jump based on the sucess of its teams and its position as a partner in equal pay in the eyes of sponsors. (New York Times)
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