Tweet du jour: Gaga Slonina

“Being Polish means being extremely hard working, having faith, never taking no for an answer, pushing through hard times, and taking care of your family. I love everything about my heritage, from the people to the food, to the cities. I am also extremely grateful for being given the possibility to play for Poland. With that being said, my heart is American. This country has given me and my family all the opportunities I could ask for. It’s pushed me and supported me through good and bad. I understand the privilege of wearing the badge, and the only time I’ll put my head down is to kiss it. America is home and that’s who I’m going to represent.”

-- Gaga Slonina, the 18-year-old Chicago Fire goalkeeper who committed his international future to the USA three days after being called up for the UEFA Nations League group stage by Poland, where his parents were born. (@GabrielSlonina)
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