USA-Germany Women's Friendly Game Report

Nov. 10 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
USA 1 Germany 2. Goals: Rapinoe 85; own goal (Murphy) 52, Krumbiegel 89.
Att.: 16,971.
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Safely south of where Hurricane Nicole passed through the previous night, the USA and Germany served up a tense battle with a stormy finish in Thursday's Fort Lauderdale friendly. The USA's energetic but imprecise performance ended with a 2-1 loss. After a goalkeeper own goal gave Germany the lead in the 55th lead, the U.S. veterans Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe combined for an equalizer in the 85th minute. But Paulina Krumbiegel's 89th minute goal made it three straight defeats for the USA following its October losses at England and Spain.

USA Player Ratings
(1=low; 5=middle; 10=high.)


After a first half that required just two easy saves, Casey Murphy passed her first test on Krumbiegel's shot from 12 yards that was hit hard although not wide enough to make it a very difficult diving save. After a scramble on the rebound, Klara Bühl's shot from 18 yards hit the post and bounced off the back of the sprawling Murphy. It was as unlucky an own goal can be.

Player (Club) caps/goals (age)

Casey Murphy (North Carolina Courage) 11/0 (26)


Central defender Norma Girma was the only U.S. field player not in or at the edge of the German penalty area on the Mallory Pugh corner kick after which the Germans' counterattack led to the opening goal. While retreating, Girma failed to pull off the difficult task of impeding the fast-charging Bühl. Sofia Huerta, whose right side looked the most vulnerable, could have nipped the counterattack in the bud if she had controlled the ball instead of popping it up to Bühl. Huerta was far out of position when Jule Brand streaked down the wing to set up the gamewinner. Left back Emily Fox in the first half helped build forays on the wing, and fared significantly better defensively than her 63rd minute replacement. Girma's central partner, 5-foot-9 Alana Cook was outjumped by 5-7 Laura Freigang for a close-range header down the middle that Murphy tipped over the bar. Cook's most impressive intervention, in the first half, still granted the Germans a corner kick when it seemed she had time to do more with the ball. Cook was off guard as the ball flew to Brand, who easily ran past Cook's attempt to interfere with the game-winning assist

Player (Club) caps/goals (age)

Sofia Huerta (OL Reign) 24/0 (29)

Naomi Girma (San Diego Wave) 9/0 (22)

Alana Cook (OL Reign) 19/0 (25)

Emily Fox (Racing Louisville) 21/0 (24)


As a trio, the starting midfield of Rose Lavelle, Lindsey Horan and Andi Sullivan seemed surprised when the Germans surged in the second half and the USA lost the grasp on the game it enjoyed in the first half. Earlier on, Lavelle was involved in most of the USA's promising forward progress but faded before being subbed in the 63rd minute. Horan's day was marked by misses and misfortune. She headed wide from 6 yards and from the same distance saw her shot deflected onto the crossbar. In the 43rd minute she blasted a 20-yard free kick into the wall. Seconds later she deserved a penalty kick call when clearly tripped by Alexandra Popp. Horan unleashed a brilliant scissors kick off a corner kick from 14 yards that hit the post, and of all things sparked the German counterattack that created the 1-0. Sullivan failed to prevent Bühl's shot that ended up in the net via Murphy.

Player (Club) caps/goals (age)

Rose Lavelle (OL Reign) 83/22 (27)

Andi Sullivan (Washington Spirit) 36/3 (26)

Lindsey Horan (Lyon, FRA) 121/26 (28)


It was frustrating to watch Mallory Pugh and Sophia Smith so often make promising moves only to see their forays fizzle with a poor pass or shabby shooting — plus the occasions when their crosses did find teammates who didn't finish. (Besides its goal, the USA's other 17 shots forced two saves from German keeper Merle Frohms.) Pugh cut wide twice to give herself a narrow angle on shots that went straight to the keeper — instead of cutting to the middle for a shot from her left foot, which did score two of her 11 goals in the 2022 NWLS season. Smith, called offside three times within 20 minutes after kickoff, and Pugh did manage to keep the German outside backs too occupied to attack and the Germans went forward most boldly after the duo left. Center forward Alex Morgan hardly troubled the German backline. Her one shot went high. With her biggest contribution being a pass for a unsuccessful Smith shot, she looked headed for a disappointing outing until the 85th minute. After hitting an easily intercepted pass into the penalty, she closed down the German defender who attempted to clear the ball and and after blocking and controlling the it, served Rapinoe up for an easy finish. 

Player (Club) caps/goals (age)

Sophia Smith (Portland Thorns) 26/11 (21)

Alex Morgan (San Diego Wave) 199/119 (33) 

Mallory Pugh (Chicago Red Stars) 81/24 (24)



Left back Crystal Dunn misplayed a pass while the USA was attacking a few minutes after coming on and her touch didn't improve much. Twice in the U.S. penalty area her clearance attempt gave the ball back to the Germans. One offered Chantal Hagel a shot from 12 yards out that went high. Dunn lost track of Krumbiegel on the deciding goal. The subs came as the Germans switched gears and started attacking swiftly. They also quickly adapted to Trinity Rodman's counterattack threat and kept her bay. Megan Rapinoe's 83rd minute free kick, well within scoring range, struck the head of a German defender. But Rapinoe didn't disappoint the fans who gave her a rousing applause upon entry by scoring the equalizer thanks to her alert reaction after Morgan stole the ball.

Player (Club) caps/goals (age)

Crystal Dunn (Portland Thorns) 127/24 (30)

Taylor Kornieck (San Diego Wave) 6/1 (23)

Sam Coffey (Portland Thorns) 4/0 (23)

Trinity Rodman (Washington Spirit) 10/2 (20)

Megan Rapinoe (OL Reign) 197/63 (37)

TRIVIA: Germany snapped the USA's 71-game home unbeaten streak.

UP NEXT: USA-Germany in Harrison, N.J. (5 p.m. ET on ESPN).

Nov. 10 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
USA 1 Germany 2. Goals: Rapinoe 85; own goal (Murphy) 52, Krumbiegel 89.
USA — Murphy; Huerta, Cook, Girma, Fox (Dunn, 63); Lavelle (Kornieck, 63), Sullivan (Coffey, 63), Horan (Sanchez, 81); Smith (Rodman, 73), Morgan, Pugh (Rapinoe, 73).
Germany — Frohms; Kleinherne (Anyomi, 71), Doorsoun-Khajeh, Nusken (Feldkamp, 63), Rauch; Magull, Lattwein (Oberdorf, 63), Popp (Hagel, 63); Rall, (Krumbiegel, 46), Freigang, Bühl (Brand, 85).
Cards: none.
Referee: Odette Hamilton (Jamaica). ARs: Shirley Perello (Honduras), Lourdes Noriegea (Honduras).
Att.: 16,971

Shots: 18/17
Shots on target: 3/4
Saves: 3/2
Corner Kicks:8/3
Fouls: 7/13
Offside: 4/2
Possession: 44%/56%

Brad Smith/ISI Photos

16 comments about "USA-Germany Women's Friendly Game Report".
  1. R2 Dad, November 11, 2022 at 9:25 a.m.

    I haven't seen the highlights or interviews, but there should be more learned from losing than winning. Alarm bells yet, anyone?

  2. Kevin Leahy, November 11, 2022 at 9:53 a.m.

    Sophia Smith & Mallory Pugh lack of consistency in finishing puts the team more on the back foot than is desirable. They get more chances than any attacking duo I have seen. Playing with the lead makes for a completely different game. If the opportunities start getting cashed in, you will see different results. This team also is missing someone that can play like Ertz.

  3. frank schoon, November 11, 2022 at 11:36 a.m.

    The Germans looked and played better as a team and as small units going forwards up to midfield..Their passing is more intricate, groupwise, along with having more power placed in the long passes,especially when switching the field diagonally from one flank to the other. We lack the power of passing or switching the field, it is only done when our passer near the centerlane of the field. In the overall our players very weak in the passing department, execution wise and power wise, and unit wise. We just don't show confidence on the ball like the Germans do....

    R2 mentioned the alarm but that alarm began 3games ago. The opponents are playing a better brand of soccer than us and that is not to be blamed on the coach but on the LOUSY coaching and player DEVELOPMENT in the states... What I blame the coach on has to do more with the knowing and using of the strengths of each player, PROPERLY, via their nearest teammate, and field position.
    For example. Horan should not find herself in a 1v1 position on near the sideline or near the endline, or find herself with her back facing downfield near the midline; she's not fast and has no acceleration. Being on the flank reduces her player option. In all 3 instances that is a total waste as a player considering what her abilities are. She should be surrounded by her teammates where she's able to pass to ,beating the opponent, in the opponents half, facing the opponent's goal.  l

    Lavelle is used as a one-man wrecking crew out there. You know when she has the ball, it is her against the rest of the world, for you expect her to create an action of some sort. She needs someone to play off ,giving her another option that at that makes it difficult for the opponent to read Lavelle, thus giving her more space.

                                                              NEXT POST...

  4. frank schoon, November 11, 2022 at 12:12 p.m.

    We play so predictable, copying the latest soccer theories of play. Why is Huerta making these so called attacking runs down the flank. It looks so rediculous for she has little or no energy left after making a 60 meter run than  trying an opponent  twice her size....How stupid is it and how ineffective is it effective is it with her size and physicality.

    They have got to do something with those shorts. The women either roll them up or they too tight because of big buns or heave set thighs. I wish the adidas shorts of the 70's and 80's would become back  that gave not only leg room, also maneuverability instead of looking like you're wearing cut off pants at the knees...

    We are so caught up with all the teams playing the exact kind of soccer, resulting in tons and tons of square and back passes(REAL CREATIVE)...Everything has become predictable. A smart coach lets his team not play the standard way of playing which messes up the rhythm of the opponent way of play... For example , right footed wingers play on the right and vice versa. Play with a sweeper who can handle a ball and come up to them midfield and create numerical superiority and can lead an attack instead of employing two stiffs playing as centerbacks. Use your outside backs sparingly in attacks and allow the outside midfielders to make overlaps. Pretend to buildup from the back making the opponents commit high on defense and than kick long balls to your fast front line players ,whoever that is. 

    These college playoffs are so mindless to watch for they all play the same exact way...I was watching Wake Forest in the ACC tournament having their problems. The commentator a former WF player quoted that the WF coach stated regardless of the problem it is this how WF plays and it has gotten them a lot of success...Coaching to me is being able to see what is wrong at the moment and making the substitution to solve the problem, that takes game INSIGHT which very few coaches in the world have. Cruyff, Ernst Happel, Wim Jansen, and a few others have that ability to see that.
    That is what coaching is all about, for having a coaching license doesn't mean you know the game..This is why in Holland they state that you can train a horse to run a soccer practice.

    Sorry to say, that I don't see currently any new soccer development. Try watching this and compare it to the garbage we're watching today....

    A Barcelona 2008-09 Tiki-Taka Masterclass - YouTube

  5. R2 Dad replied, November 11, 2022 at 2 p.m.

    Frank, why are our coaches not good enough? Here is my example: I was refereeing a youth match a couple weeks back, and I recognized the home coach as a player my son used to play with. Now this coach is 19, he's attending the local JC and coaching this BU11 team. He was a decent player, but he hasn't done much to further develop his understanding of the game--just passing along his 2003-cohort playing style to these 2011-born kids. If you rinse and repeat with thousands of similar coaches now training our young players, we can't expect much general improvement. These young kids would be much better off just playing futsal until highschool.

  6. frank schoon replied, November 11, 2022 at 2:05 p.m.

    R2 ,Good one!!

  7. stewart hayes replied, November 11, 2022 at 2:31 p.m.

    Thanks for the link Frank.  I don't think that is the best example of attacking soccer though.  Pep was tactically trying to keep the ball away from Manchester U.  They were almost playing for time and content to take whatever they couod get with little risk rather than pushing to create scoring opportunites.  

    It game was a great exhibition of Inestia passing and dribbling though.  I was surprised to recently read that inestia had a higher dribbling succes rate than Messi, ~60% to 57%.  I believe during the period in question Messi had 1800 dribbles to Inestia's 1000.  Maybe not surprising since he dribbled out of midfield where spaces and marking make it easier.  He surged ahead many times in this game quite successfully.  Moreso than I remember him doing. 

    And it illustrates the point that if you want to put players in postion to polish their dribbling midfield is probably where they should play more not in the attaking 3rd.

  8. frank schoon replied, November 11, 2022 at 3:12 p.m.

    Stewart, I wasn't thinking of attacking soccer but ball movement as fast as possible, the constant changing of positions , no ball loss. Their success rate in passing drove the opponents nuts and tired. The Man.Utd coach stated he was at a complete loss to try doing anything with the team because he couldn't get ball possession. Barca's play was not direct but it was their style at time to totally annihilated mentally the opponents and make tired in chasing the ball.

    It became more difficult to score once Mourinho decided to try a defensive style with Real Madrid, called parking the bus and try for a counter attack for there was nothing else you can do.
    Barcelona had a fast front line, so that the opponent could not play defense high up to stop Barcelona in their own half from building up. Manchester City got Haaland for the speed up the  front line so they are more balanced.

    Tiki-Taka was misnamed like Total soccer that was never played. Tiki Taka as explained by Guardiola, was to pass the ball around and hold possession of it on one side of the field, thereby creating lots of space on the other side for attacking purposes and this is what Xavi exploited. 

    Watch the dribbling ,the quick foot work, that our kids should have. Note how he always on his toes. This is by far the best video of him and his skills, the short paces he takes with head over the ball...I could watch this video all through the night. He would go out  on the beach and 200 sprints of 3meters for that is what you only need to beat the opponents in the first one or two steps...Notice how he shields....There is so much to be learned from his movements of the ball to teach young players....ENJOY!!!

    Stanley Matthews ● The best of the Legend - YouTube

  9. R2 Dad replied, November 11, 2022 at 3:34 p.m.
    The Rondo: Pep's Training Ground Key

  10. frank schoon replied, November 11, 2022 at 4:22 p.m.

    R2, thanx. In the video he quotes Cruyff as saying that everything in game you can learn from playing Rondo....He had stated that back in the 80's in a rondo game 4v2. All the greats of Holland that played in the 70's with Ajax and with the famous WC'74 'total soccer team grew up playing 4V2. That is done where players are positioned along a rectangle , one on each side not one on each corner(that is very important). He stated if you how to play this 4v2 ,then you can play soccer. All the secrets are there for you to learn.

    The problem with the current Rondo is that players on the outside of the circle tend to stand 'flatfooted' which is not the case with 4v2 . I always employ teaching 4V2 for it teaches you the necessary skill, the positioning, the stance and to distinguish length over breadth and third man and most importantly it teaches you how think the game... I had in one of my long comments about 3years ago giving a full explanation of how to play 4v2, and realize  as well when playing in a 4-3-3, you always outnumber the opponent 4v2.....

  11. Santiago 1314 replied, November 17, 2022 at 11:38 a.m.

    This is NOT Brain Surgery...
    We were Tought: Short-Short-LONG... even back in the USSF schools in the Early 80's
    I still got my Notes...
    Tiki-Taka is just a "Bastardization" of that....
    Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short- ZZZZzzzzz.... LONG.... Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short-Short- Xavi-to-Iniest-to-Messi... GOOOOOOOOOOooooooL.!!!

  12. Kevin Leahy, November 11, 2022 at 12:43 p.m.

    Frank, completely agree about Horan. This group might be better suited for a 4-4-2 or a 3-5-2. Lavelle would be able to play off Horan. Don't believe this 4-3-3 suits this group of players. 

  13. frank schoon replied, November 11, 2022 at 1:22 p.m.

      Kevin,4-3-3 is the best for it allows  the ball to do the running not the players, that means faster ball movement. We have the speed but is should be used in moments when needed ,especially in the opponents third where there is quickness. With the 4-4-2 , we're going to get long balls, more more power running from the midfield for supporting the front line, more turbo; more runs from halfbacks, it will slow our attack on transistion especially going forwards on the flanks ,due to the outside halfback having to cover more space.  It allows the opponents build up space and time on the flanks....We just got to play more compact and move as unit, keeping the lines nice and tight. We have plenty speed to cover the rear, we just lack brains and the coaching to carry it out...

  14. Scott Chaney, November 11, 2022 at 3:24 p.m.

    Dunn, learn how to close down the back post on a breakaway. You didn't see, or even look, at the German player fast approaching and she literally ran right by you to score! Wake up!! 

  15. James Madison, November 11, 2022 at 6:34 p.m.

    The ratings are too harsh on Girma, Sullivan, and Horran, and too generous on Smith, PUgh, and he substitutres, except that Rapinoe deserves her bonus for the goal.

    Cook's lack of speed and gility was evident.  Smith lacks decision making ability. Goodness knows why Pugh was assigned to restarts.  Huerta was more or less absent.  Dunn is far from recovered from her recent motherhood.  Macario, et al, cannot return soon enough.  O'Hara and Press were discarded too soon. Without some MAJOR FIXING, this team will not get past the first playoff round at the World Cup.

  16. Santiago 1314, November 13, 2022 at 8:30 p.m.

    I kinda thought we Looked pretty Good .. more Energetic and Positive then Previously... Man, Lavelle can PLAY... And I think she is Getting Stronger Physically... She took that Shot to the Knee and I was like; "Crap, there goes her ACL.!!!"... But she "Rubbed some Dirt in It" and Played On.!!!... She can Slice and Dice like Few Players out there... Some better Finishing, and a Weaker Opposing GK, and we were up 3-0 before they score their 1st Goal... Then I Feel Asleep...ZZZzzzz..... (Sucks getting Old... Jajaja)... I'll have to do a Rewind to see what Happened at the End.

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