American refs in Qatar: Ismail Elfath in the middle for Brazil-Cameroon

American referee Ismail Elfath, who was in the middle for Portugal's 3-2 win over Ghana on Nov. 24, got his second assignment: Brazil-Cameroon on Dec. 2. He will again be joined by U.S. assistant referees Kyle Atkins and Corey Parker.

Elfath, of Austin, Texas, reffed this season's MLS Cup. The 2020 MLS Referee of the Year emigrated from Morocco at age 18, attended the University of Texas, and has worked in IT consulting and sales. He made his pro refereeing debuts in the NASL in 2009 and MLS in 2012. He has also reffed at the 2021 Olympics, 2019 FIFA Club World Cup and 2019 U-20 men's World Cup.

Up coming U.S. ref assignments:

 Costa Rica-Germany, Dec. 1: Kathryn Nesbitt (offside VAR), Corey Parker (standby AVR).
 Japan-Spain, Dec. 1: Armando Villarreal (assistant VAR), Kyle Atkins (offside VAR).
 Brazil-Cameroon, Dec. 2: Ismail Elfath (referee), Kyle Atkins (AR), Corey Parker (AR), Armando Villarreal (VAR).
Note: FIFA has assigned games through Dec. 2.

U.S. refs in games so far: 

Denmark 0 Tunisia 0, Nov. 22: Armando Villarreal (assistant VAR).
France 4 Australia 1, Nov, 22: Kyle Atkins (offside VAR).
Japan 2 Germany 1, Nov. 23: Armando Villarreal (assistant VAR), Kathryn Nesbitt (offside VAR).
Portugal 3 Ghana 2, Nov. 24: Ismail Elfath (referee), Kyle Atkins (AR), Corey Parker (AR), Armando Villarreal (VAR).
 Australia 1 Tunisia 0, Nov. 26: Corey Parker (offside VAR).
Poland 2 Saudi Arabia 0, Nov. 26: Armando Villarreal (assistant VAR).
 Morocco 2 Belgium 0, Nov. 27: Kathryn Nesbitt (offside VAR), Armando Villarreal (support VAR).
 Ghana 3 South Korea 2, Nov. 28: Kyle Atkins (offside VAR).
Brazil 1 Switzerland 0, Nov. 28: Armando Villarreal (assistant VAR), Kathryn Nesbitt (offside VAR).
 Argentina 2 Poland 0, Nov. 28: Kathryn Nesbitt (offside VAR).

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