USA-Netherlands draws almost 13 million TV viewers on Fox

The USA's final 2022 World Cup match drew 12,966,000 viewers on Fox.

The USA lost to the Netherlands, 3-1, in the round of 16. The audience peaked with 16,368,000 million viewers watching during the 11:30 a.m.-11:45 a.m. ET window.

English-language audiences:
2022 U.S. World Cup:

15.4 million USA-England (Matchday 2), FOX
13 million USA-Netherlands (Round of 16), FOX
12 million USA-Iran (Matchday 3), FOX
8.3 million USA-Wales (Matchday 1), FOX

2014 U.S. World Cup:
18.2 million USA-Portugal (Matchday 2), ESPN
16.5 million USA-Belgium (Round of 16), ESPN
11.1 million USA-Ghana (Matchday 1), ESPN
10.8 million USA-Germany (Matchday 3), ESPN

2010 U.S. World Cup:
14.9 million USA-Ghana (Round of 16), ABC
13.1 million USA-England (Matchday 1), ABC
6.2 million USA-Algeria (Matchday 3), ESPN
5.2 million USA-Slovenia (Matchday 2), ESPN

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