Roster: U.S. U-19 MYNT (Buenos Aires camp)

Goalkeepers (2): Gavin Beavers (Real Salt Lake), Charles DeMarco (BW Gottschee).
Defenders (7): Reed Baker-Whiting (Seattle Sounders), Tyler Bindon (Los Angeles FC academy), Alexander Freeman (Orlando City), Drew Murray (Oakland Roots), Nolan Norris (FC Dallas), Walter Portales (Club America Sub-18/MEX), Fritz Volmar (St. Louis City SC).
Midfielders (6): Favian Loyola (Orlando City), Bryan Moyado (Los Angeles FC), Sergio Oregel Jr. (Chicago Fire), Miguel Perez (St. Louis City SC), Paulo Rudisill (LA Galaxy academy), Marcel Ruszel (Torino Primavera/ITA).
Forwards (5): Zach Booth (Leicester City/ENG), Kristian Fletcher (D.C. United), Rodrigo Neri (Atletico Madrileno Sub-19/ESP), Korede Osundina (Orange County SC), Marcos Zambrano (Benfica U23/POR).
Matches: March 24, Argentina, March 27, Racing Club.
2 comments about "Roster: U.S. U-19 MYNT (Buenos Aires camp)".
  1. Santiago 1314, March 20, 2023 at 9:10 a.m.

    Sure Wish USSF would get their Digital Act together, and at A MINIMMUM; put these games on the Website.!?!?!?
    After All, aren't "WE" Paying for these Teams to Travel and Play.???
    Shouldn't "WE" be able to SEE what "WE" are Paying for.!!!
    It is a 501(c)3 ... We could probably SUE and Force them to Distribute the Videos.!?!?!?
    (Right Bob.???)

    p.s. ... Will be Nice to be In Argentina for the "Homecoming" Games for World Cup Celebration...
    Gonna be Crazy.!!!!
    1.5 MILLION Ticket Requests for the Game.!!! That's Amazing.!!!

  2. humble 1 replied, March 20, 2023 at 12:24 p.m.

    WE may be paying - but - WE do not have any more say in USSF, than we do at our local church, where we contribute, which is a 501c3, or than we do at our soccer club, where we as parents enroll and pay for our kids to play at, that is also a 501c3.  Unless we are on the board or officers in the organzation, we don't have a direct say.  This is one of the reasons the USSF is able to do so little with so much - they are accountable to only their board and officers.  Surely they get the video, and for sure the stream technology is simple, as stream club games myself, and our HS students stream varsity soccer games on youtube, and I just watched the final of the first UPSL Texas Cup on youtube stream yesterday afternoon, so, maybe they do not want people watching their youth teams play?  Have a nice day. 

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