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FA to Press Chelsea for Evidence Regarding Gallas Claims

Following the lengthy, pejorative statement issued by Chelsea FC about the conduct of former defender William Gallas prior to his transfer to Arsenal, the English Football Association has said it's considering launching an investigation into claims made by the club that the player threatened to purposefully make mistakes, get sent off, or worse, score an own goal if he were called on to play. However, in all likelihood it will be very difficult to prove what comments were made between Gallas and Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, especially if it comes down to his word versus his former manager's. Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballer's Association, added fuel to the argument yesterday when he said that Gallas might consider taking legal action against his former club. "It is very disappointing that a player, who has been there for some time and been part of their successes, leaves the club and then suddenly has his character and reputation damaged by his former employer," he said. "Certainly, [he] has a right to respond and can look to redress that legally if he wishes." Regarding Chelsea's lengthy statement, he added: "I don't know what purpose it serves. We can talk about own goals from William Gallas, but this is an own goal for Chelsea. It is unnecessary and pointless."

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