• USMNT and the development of elite players -- Professional Leagues (Part 1)
    Clearly, there is room for expanding the number of professional teams. The key question is how.
  • USMNT and the development of elite players -- what's next?
    The first step is to understand that there is a need for club development just as much as for player, coach or referee development.
  • USMNT and the development of elite players
    The basic dilemma for the MNT is that we want to compress 100 years into maybe 40 years, which is not doable.
  • Soccer's unwritten LOTG, like it or not, they are here to stay
    These unwritten LOTG have existed for a long time but only recently the "patron saints" of the game started to mention them.
  • Officiating in Euro 2020: an expert's view
    The Euros were a case study in how referees are picked and then assigned for key matches, not to mention the use of VAR.
  • Refereeing education: The present and the future (Part 2)
    Modern-day officiating requires the use of technology, data and statistics in the educational process as much as possible.
  • Refereeing education: The present and future (Part 1)
    The first step to reforming our soccer refereeing educational system is for everyone to understand of the spirit of the LOTG.
  • Standardizing subjective decisions
    Everyone should focus on the "spirit of the Game "and "what football expects" as much as creating criteria to standardize calls.
  • Two MNTs and player development
    The U.S. and Turkish national teams share similar makeups and tell us a lot about men's player development.
  • Pendulum, the delicate matter of soccer's 'handball' offense
    Why IFAB decided to swing the pendulum that was in the equilibrium position with regard to handling in soccer is incomprehensible.
  • Pandemic's impact on soccer
    With few or no fans in the stands, early data suggests the influence of home-field advantage has lessened while scoring has increased.
  • Refereeing and statistics
    An entire industry has arisen around data and video analysis of players. It's time the same be used for referees.
  • Some proposals for professional soccer officiating
    Identification of bench personnel? Restoring time lost due to implementing VAR protocols? VAR to determine goal kicks or corner kicks?
  • Our youth clubs and their development (Part 2)
    Once youth soccer boards realize they are running a sports business with its own rules, they can look for solutions.
  • Our youth clubs and their development -- very fertile ground in need of nurturing and care
    it's taken the pandemic to accelerate our collective understanding that many small to mid-sized youth clubs are in very dire straits,
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