• U.S. Soccer and Concacaf
    Is U.S. Soccer destined to be a member of Concacaf? The ideal solution will be the merger of Conmebol and Concacaf.
  • What will be World Cup 2026 carbon strategy? Euro 2020 offers insights
    Sooner rather than later, a decision will have to be made on the 16 cities across North America that will serve as host venues.
  • USA, Belgium and 'Something,' The final episode
    Differences with the rest of the world make it almost impossible for the USMNT to be ranked No. 1 in the near future.
  • What USA needs to do to be ready for Hexagonal, starting sooner than you think
    The USA's chances will likely depend on the progress its young players make in Europe in the next year.
  • Crushing Canada creates a new beginning for Coach Berhalter
    Less than two minutes into the game, the USA won a corner kick and executed it an unusual way.
  • USA, Belgium and 'Something' (3)
    Belgium until the 1960's was not a very diverse society. Now, its national team thrives with the sons of immigrants.
  • How LAFC victory over Galaxy in El Trafico marks turning point for MLS
    For the first time, the four teams in the conference finals are all teams who joined the league after its founding in 1996.
  • USA, Belgium and 'Something' (2)
    The major difference between the U.S. and Belgian federations is in the structure of their constituents.
  • Where does MLS go from here with expansion?
    MLS commissioner Don Garber introduced Sacramento as MLS's 29th team. A host of factors make moving past 30 teams soon problematic.
  • USA in crisis: Lost in Toronto
    The USA wasn't just outplayed by Canada. It lacked ideas and lacked inspiration. In a word, it looked lost.
  • USA, Belgium and 'Something' (Part 1)
    Belgium has done "something" to be ranked No. 1 in the world. You do not see that upward trend with the USA.
  • Referee assessment, coaching and mentoring
    Recently, U.S. Soccer merged the positions of instructor and assessor into coaching positions -- National and Regional coaches.
  • Seattle walkout underscores need for solution to 'Iron Front' dispute
    Sunday's protest came just four days before MLS officials are slated to meet with leaders of club supporters' groups in Las Vegas.
  • Forty years in the LOTG: Grassroots vs. the professional game
    The 2019-20 version of the LOTG is 222 pages long. Excluding the USSF supplement, the 1979 version was 68 pages long.
  • The Hex will be here soon enough
    The USA's matches against Mexico and Uruguay underscored how much the team is still a work in progress.
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