• World Cup 2026 race: Sporting merit vs. world politics
    If you look at the United Bid's sporting merit, there should be no doubt which side will win. But is it the case?
  • The world isn't ready for a VAR World Cup
    How can FIFA get match officials unfamiliar with video review to use it properly in Russia? It can't and they can't.
  • World Cup 2026 race: South Africa waffles
    It's hard to separate soccer from politics in the battle for World Cup 2026 hosting rights. Case in point: South Africa.
  • Dream transfer: Pulisic to Liverpool, too good to be true?
    Christian Pulisic might be reunited at Liverpool with manager Jurgen Klopp. It just won't likely happen this summer.
  • Today's refereeing at the highest level
    What are the necessary and sufficient attributes that define the best referees of our game?
  • Andres Iniesta made everything look easy
    Andres Iniesta's introduction to soccer came from his father, who simply wanted to share a passion for kicking a ball around.
  • Toronto FC falls in CCL shootout: This one will hurt
    There aren't other MLS teams like Toronto FC with its star power, young domestic talent and depth.
  • French great Henri Michel, exiled at 40, remembered as 'Papa'
    The Nantes star who died on Tuesday was fired as France coach in 1988. He later took three other teams to the World Cup..
  • The Wenger succession: Arsenal family connections put NYCFC's Vieira in mix
    Whoever replaces Arsene Wenger at Arsenal will have big shoes to fill, replacing a revolutionary figure in English soccer.
  • Referee is a Homo-sapiens: A look at the Michael Oliver penalty decision
    Last week an incredible miracle in the Champions League was about to materialize but did not due to a whistle by an English referee.
  • Race, class and soccer stars
    The USA has excellent human resources for the design of the development of soccer. The problem: our system is not egalitarian.
  • A battle royal -- the World Cup 2026 campaign for Gulf support
    The Gulf feud could be a big factor in deciding the hotly contested battle for votes among members of the West Asian Football Federation.
  • UEFA vs. U.S Soccer -- what there is to learn from Europe
    Are we comparing apples and oranges when we compare U.S. Soccer and UEFA? Germans would say jein (yes and no).
  • A video review at the World Cup that makes good sense
    If you saw what happened with Christoph Kramer in the last World Cup final, you'll agree this is a good idea.
  • RIP: Davide Astori, 'the best expression of an old-fashioned world'
    Rarely has the passing of a player been taken harder than the sudden death of Fiorentina captain Davide Astori.
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