• Refereeing education: The present and future (Part 1)
    The first step to reforming our soccer refereeing educational system is for everyone to understand of the spirit of the LOTG.
  • Standardizing subjective decisions
    Everyone should focus on the "spirit of the Game "and "what football expects" as much as creating criteria to standardize calls.
  • Two MNTs and player development
    The U.S. and Turkish national teams share similar makeups and tell us a lot about men's player development.
  • Pendulum, the delicate matter of soccer's 'handball' offense
    Why IFAB decided to swing the pendulum that was in the equilibrium position with regard to handling in soccer is incomprehensible.
  • Pandemic's impact on soccer
    With few or no fans in the stands, early data suggests the influence of home-field advantage has lessened while scoring has increased.
  • Refereeing and statistics
    An entire industry has arisen around data and video analysis of players. It's time the same be used for referees.
  • Some proposals for professional soccer officiating
    Identification of bench personnel? Restoring time lost due to implementing VAR protocols? VAR to determine goal kicks or corner kicks?
  • Our youth clubs and their development (Part 2)
    Once youth soccer boards realize they are running a sports business with its own rules, they can look for solutions.
  • Our youth clubs and their development -- very fertile ground in need of nurturing and care
    it's taken the pandemic to accelerate our collective understanding that many small to mid-sized youth clubs are in very dire straits,
  • The new handball offense and the havoc It caused
    IFAB/FIFA should make this law simpler and less arguable. The way it is right now will keep on creating havoc.
  • A revisit to the VAR concept and its application (Part 2)
    One of the major criticisms of the system is that at times it becomes too picky and at times too time-consuming.
  • A revisit to the VAR concept and its application (Part 1)
    For the skeptics of the VAR concept and technology, there is bad news. VAR is here to stay with us.
  • Mindhunter, behavioral science as applied to modern-day refereeing
    A referee's whistle and cards are not sufficient to control the game of today's soccer. Understand the importance of preventive officiating.
  • Mindhunter, behavioral science as applied to modern-day refereeing
    The first step is to understand that the letter of the LOTG is a not sacred text. And it's written in pseudo-archaic English.
  • GLT and the national anthem
    The playing of the national anthem before Turkish pro games was introduced nearly 30 years ago. Efforts to abolish the ritual have failed.
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