• U.S. fans can hope Pulisic emulates Pogba's shrewd choices
    Paul Pogba is going to be the face of France as the host nation of Euro 2016 is one of the favorites this summer, but the kid from the suburbs of Paris didn't get there by accident, and American teen Christian Pulisic could do worse than to follow his lead.
  • UEFA Champions League: Fernando Torres takes boyhood dreams into final
    Fernando Torres grew up in the Atletico Madrid system and after many years in England and a short stint in Italy, at the age of 32 he can turn a dream into reality.
  • Brazil's Copa Centenario hopes take a hit
    Another day and another player scratched from the Copa Centenario. And this is a big one: Bayern Munich midfielder Douglas Costa out due to a left thigh injury. His replacement: Orlando City's Kaka.
  • French politicians split on Euro 2016 security priorities
    If you don't think France is taking security seriously for Euro 2016, which begins June 10, you only need to take a look at the cover of Wednesday's L'Equipe, the Paris sports daily. It shows a masked special forces agent sitting on the edge of what looks to be a helicopter and aiming an assault rifle, all overlooking Parc des Princes, home of Paris St. Germain.
  • Why Mexico is a Copa Centenario favorite
    In addition to the oddity of the USA hosting the 100th anniversary edition of the South American championship, the Copa America Centenario, there's also a fair chance that the winner could be a non-South American team: Mexico.
  • Ibra, out of MLS's league for now
    The first move after Jose Mourinho takes over as Manchester United manager is expected to be the signing of Swedish free agent Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
  • Concacaf goes after Jack Warner for symbol of his conniving, a 'white-washed tomb'
    Bloomberg reported on Friday that Concacaf has sued its former president, Jack Warner, for more than $50 million. I say, Good luck!
  • USA-Mexico joint 2026 World Cup bid? Not so fast!
    FIFA's release of an outline for a four-step process to be used for the 2026 World Cup bid process prompted speculation about just who might bid. FIFA president Gianni Infantino went one step further and suggested he'd be open to joint bids, which in turn led to talk of a bid by two or more of Concacaf's three biggest economic powers, the USA, Canada and Mexico.
  • Sevilla demonstrates (again) Spanish soccer's standard is very good
    Sevilla is European soccer's great overachiever. With a team of no-name players, it won its third straight Europa League title and will keep Spain's record intact of sweeping UEFA's two competitions in 2014, 2015 and 2016.
  • Curtain comes down on the 2015-16 season in Europe
    Leicester City was a revelation in more ways than one this season, while there are always compelling storylines, Europe's top leagues and the Champions League have only become more and more predictable recently, which is yet another reason we should all savor these now famous Foxes, who won't be sneaking up on anyone anytime soon.
  • FIFA in crisis again: Reform message takes a beating
    One may never know the true reasons for the resignation of Domenico Scala, FIFA's audit and compliance committee chairman and in-house reform champion, but it had a devastating effect on new FIFA president Gianni Infantino's reform narrative. A last-minute amendment pushed through by Infantino at the FIFA Congress was termed by Jordanian Prince Ali a "complete betrayal to all of those who thought they had voted for change, transparency, fair play and reform."
  • Myriad scenarios are in play on Premier League's final day
    The title is decided, and so are the relegation places, so what's up for grabs Sunday when the Premier League season ends? Money. Lots of it. The Champions League and Europa League competitions can be worth millions, and as many as six teams could be in contention for the slots not yet claimed.
  • After the hangover, Sunderland wakes up to reality
    Following another flirtation with relegation, Sunderland was spared the drop from the Premier League when it beat Everton, 3-0, on Wednesday. The win set off wild celebrations at the Stadium of Light, but begged the question, should the Black Cats be celebrating a 17th-place finish?
  • Concacaf presidential candidates come out of (clean) closet -- finally
    Concacaf has not had much luck with its presidents. In the last five years, it has had four presidents. Three have been indicted on Federal corruption charges -- Jack Warner, Jeffrey Webb and Alfredo Hawit -- and the fourth, Lisle Austin, lasted all of four days as interim president before he was ousted for trying to get Chuck Blazer, then secretary general, fired, and later banned by FIFA from soccer for taking his case to courts in his native Barbados. After Hawit was arrested in December, Concacaf did the smart thing and left the position of president vacant until its …
  • Bundesliga monopoly: Heartbreak in Dortmund as Bayern buys Hummels
    On Tuesday, the news Borussia Dortmund fans had long dreaded became official, as Bayern Munich bought Dortmund captain Mats Hummels for $43 million, with the star German defender leaving Dortmund after over eight seasons. Making it plain to all, even Bayern's biggest Bundesliga rival is only playing for second.
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