• Manchester's derby is now the center of soccer's transfer universe
    Old Trafford is hosting one of the most anticipated Manchester derbies ever played Saturday, it will include two of the world's best coaches, and a pair of teams that bought half of the most expensive players purchased anywhere in the world since the start of last summer.
  • Japan goal controversy adds fuel to video-replay debate
    Video replays clearly revealed that a shot had crossed the goal line, but the match officials didn't see it. No goal. Sound familiar?
  • Osorio's Mexico job is safe for now -- but watch out after the Hex starts
    The start of the Hexagonal is still two months away, but Mexico will return to Columbus to play the USA on Nov. 11, again facing a crisis of confidence. More than five months ago, El Tri wrapped up its berth in the Hex, but little has gone right for the new regime under head coach Juan Carlos Osorio since then.
  • Can Europe's other leagues survive the Premier League's generosity?
    Recent fears about the huge sums of money heading toward England's Premier League shifting soccer's landscape are becoming realized, as it monetizes its enormous popularity at the expense of talent and balance in Europe's other top leagues, even as these riches are being shared elsewhere.
  • South America offers most intriguing World Cup qualifying race
    There have been 20 World Cups but only eight champions. Which nation looks most likely to become champion No. 9?
  • Beckenbauer's 'summer fairy tale' turns into nightmare
    Sixteen years after Germany won the right to host the 2006 World Cup and a decade after the "summer fairy tale" captivated Germans, the legendary Franz Beckenbauer and three of high-profile organizing committee members are under investigation by Swiss prosecutors -- suspected of fraud, criminal mismanagement, money laundering and misappropriation.
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