• New T&T coach gets job by default -- and supposedly why Klinsmann said no
    Trinidad & Tobago's search for a new coach after it fired head coach Stephen Hart following two defeats to open the Hexagonal had a comical element. The four coaches on the short list were evaluated in part via Google. Three were ruled out, leaving Belgian Tom Saintfiet -- who? -- as the new coach by default.
  • Pulisic, amid $30 million transfer rumors, forges on with Dortmund
    Borussia Dortmund's 2-2 tie, in which 18-year-old American Christian Pulisic started, with Real Madrid at the Bernabeu earned Dortmund a first-place finish in Group F of the UEFA Champions League. Dortmund also broke the record for most goals scored in the UCL group stage.
  • U.S. Soccer and governing in the 21st century
    As U.S. Soccer has grown into a $100 million business with a huge influence on the sport, both domestically and internationally, how it approaches business relationships and develops standards of good governance becomes increasingly important.
  • What frightens the European giants about Leicester City
    In the context of English soccer, Leicester City is a great story, the little club that could, from the second level to the top of the English Premier League in two years. Now that the Foxes have made it to the second round of the UEFA Champions League with one game to spare, their success is looked upon warily by big clubs across Europe.
  • Leicester City's spirit is the same, but results are missing, in EPL
    As it was expected to do after capturing the Premier League title last season in stunning fashion, Leicester City spent a lot of money to compete on dual fronts and has struggled on one of them.
  • The Fifth Pillar, and what's missing from American soccer
    The first American players I encountered in the late 70's early 80's were high school, college and amateur players. Other than their physical capabilities, nothing had impressed me then.
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