• How poised is Germany to repeat World Cup win?
    It's remarkable how poorly World Cup champions have performed at the tournament four years later. Can Germany end the trend?
  • Watergate overshadows countdown to USA-Trinidad & Tobago game at flooded stadium
    Barring unforeseen circumstances, we still expect the USA will wrap up the Hex on Tuesday night.
  • Arsenal fans caught in crossfire as owners Kroenke and Usmanov spar
    Not many fans of the Premier League will know these names -- Jack Walker, Matthew Harding, Dick Knight -- but they are owners of a bygone era, when the men -- or their families -- who owned English League clubs served more as custodians than CEOs.
  • Hank Steinbrecher on legacy of the '90s, moving national team forward, youth development and training compensation
    As secretary general of U.S. Soccer (1990-2000), Hank Steinbrecher was my colleague, and we became friends in due time.
  • USA isn't alone in having its fans in World Cup panic mode
    What is shocking is how many teams that went to the 2014 World Cup are in danger of not going to Russia next summer.
  • A World Cup without Messi? South American qualifying gets intense
    The last time Argentina missed a World Cup came in 1970 when it was eliminated with 2-2 tie against Peru at La Bombonera.
  • Barcelona shows its solidarity for Catalonia independence vote in wake of violent crackdown
    Politics have hung over Spanish soccer for decades, but they have never been more on display in the modern era than on Sunday.
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