• Race, class and soccer stars
    The USA has excellent human resources for the design of the development of soccer. The problem: our system is not egalitarian.
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    The Gulf feud could be a big factor in deciding the hotly contested battle for votes among members of the West Asian Football Federation.
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    Are we comparing apples and oranges when we compare U.S. Soccer and UEFA? Germans would say jein (yes and no).
  • A video review at the World Cup that makes good sense
    If you saw what happened with Christoph Kramer in the last World Cup final, you'll agree this is a good idea.
  • RIP: Davide Astori, 'the best expression of an old-fashioned world'
    Rarely has the passing of a player been taken harder than the sudden death of Fiorentina captain Davide Astori.
  • How to remove the burden from the referees -- three suggestions to Laws of the Game
    There should be two sets of the Laws of the Game: one for the professional game and one for the rest.
  • German fans say Nein Danke to Monday Night Soccer -- but TV is king
    Nearly a half a century after the NFL launched Monday Night Football, the Bundesliga has started Monday Night Fussball.