• RIP: Coaching great Sigi Schmid, an American soccer original with strong German roots
    Schmid, who touched the lives of hundreds of players in a record-setting coaching career, died on Christmas at the age of 65.
  • The nuclear scenario explained
    A system -- Training Compensation and Solidarity Payments or something else -- is needed for progress on U.S. soccer's quality to pick up.
  • Tipping point: Josh Sargent and the flight of American teens to Germany
    More and more young Americans are being lured to Germany to chase their dreams -- but they are also better prepared for the challenge.
  • State of the League: Don Garber says investment model is 'unsustainable' unless MLS becomes 'selling league'
    Garber acknowledged that the league's position on solidarity payments has changed -- unthinkable just a few years ago.
  • What is next for USMNT?
    Like all the European countries that have shown a steady jump in rankings in the last two decades, we must redefine our development policies.