• The new handball offense and the havoc It caused
    IFAB/FIFA should make this law simpler and less arguable. The way it is right now will keep on creating havoc.
  • A revisit to the VAR concept and its application (Part 2)
    One of the major criticisms of the system is that at times it becomes too picky and at times too time-consuming.
  • A revisit to the VAR concept and its application (Part 1)
    For the skeptics of the VAR concept and technology, there is bad news. VAR is here to stay with us.
  • Mindhunter, behavioral science as applied to modern-day refereeing
    A referee's whistle and cards are not sufficient to control the game of today's soccer. Understand the importance of preventive officiating.
  • Mindhunter, behavioral science as applied to modern-day refereeing
    The first step is to understand that the letter of the LOTG is a not sacred text. And it's written in pseudo-archaic English.
  • GLT and the national anthem
    The playing of the national anthem before Turkish pro games was introduced nearly 30 years ago. Efforts to abolish the ritual have failed.
  • The $19.6 billion youth sports market, soccer and the pandemic
    Sometimes crises lead to opportunities. In the aftermath pf the pandemic, the relation between school sports and club sports might strengthen.
  • MLS brought together again with its most loyal and important partner in another time of need
    The Washington Post reported that MLS is working on a plan to assemble all 26 teams at ESPN Wide World of Sports near Orlando.
  • What we can learn from Pierluigi Collina
    An aurora of trust and confidence nurtured by objectivity and fairness allows referees to stay unnoticed even after they make courageous decisions.
  • Soccer leagues have options ... they might include turning 2019-20 seasons into 2019-21 seasons
    Depending on who you ask, we'll all be playing soccer in empty stadiums soon or won't be playing again until the distant future.
  • The saga continues
    A circular by IFAB to national associations summarizes the changes to the LOTG, most notably the interpretation of handling the ball.
  • The mountain and the mouse (Part 2)
    Two recommendations for a sane solution to the problem with soccer's offside decisions.
  • Just how essential is soccer in our lives?
    Whether we know it or not now, we will never look at the world the same again. Or soccer, too.
  • The mountain and the mouse: what came out of IFAB meeting
    The soccer/football community expected so much from the last meeting of the International Football Association Board and got a "mouse" at the end.
  • Multi-dimensional analysis of the USMNT roster
    What factors and dimensions make up the best male players in our soccer landscape?
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