Section 2 Around the Net Editions for October 2008
Section 2 Around the Net - Friday, Oct. 17, 2008
Can D.C. Sustain Its Momentum?
Time To Scrap Playing Of National Anthems
South Africa Bullish On Transport Progress
L.A. Soccer Fields Provide Base For Political Clout
Bundesliga's Better Than Serie A, Says Wolfsburg's Italian
Beckham Should Focus On The Team That Pays His Salary
Wolyniec 'Shocked' By Teammates' Drug Ban
Come And Watch Bolton For Free Beer
Roeder: Norwich Is Innocent
Carver: I Want To Keep Dichio
Section 2 Around the Net - Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008
Mets Put Off MLS Bid Until 2012
Soccer Will Stay Out Of Vegas
Revs Mull Somerville Stadium Plan
U.S. Youth Not Yet Ready For The Big Time
Resurgent Rooney Key To England's Form
Crayton Swamped With Apologies
Zoff: FIFA Quotas Plan A Non-Starter
Beckham Boys In Chelsea Colors
Quakes' Season All But Over
Man City Cuts Thais
Section 2 Around the Net - Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2008
The Politics of Cooper's U.S. Call-up
Houston Is Salt Lake's Model
Spanish Not Racist, Says Fabregas
Dalby Settles On MLS As The Place To Develop
Scottish Wizard On The Rise
Gullit 'Cut And Ran'
Quakes Fade After Late Revival
Blatter Lauds Leeds' Youth SetUp
Domenech Stays On And On
Section 2 Around the Net - Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2008
Gullit: U.S. Doesn't Want Soccer To Become Popular
FC Dallas Crowds Dive
UEFA Slaps Atletico Madrid With CL Stadium Ban For Racism
Repeatedly Showing The Mother Of All Misses
Humble Beckham Accepts Reduced England Role
'Disrespected' Robinson Ready To Welcome Quakes
For Canada, The Road To 2014 Starts Here
U.S. Qualification No Longer In Doubt
The Technician's Fear Of The Lighting
Section 2 Around the Net - Monday, Oct. 13, 2008
Racist Fan Banned From Robertson Stadium
Ralston Likely Out For Season
Another Dramatic Cuban Defection
Italy Bans Its Own Fans From Road Games
Gerrard And Lampard Still Not Working For England
Latest Carver Palaver
Schmid Ripping Leads To Supporters' Shield
McBride's Target Role
Rapids Have Lost Control
Arena: We Live For Another Day
Section 2 Around the Net - Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008
Former Poland Coach Arrested On Corruption Charges
Section 2 Around the Net - Friday, Oct. 10, 2008
Let The Bad Times Roll
The Politics Of Cooper's U.S. Call-up
Checketts Sees Strong Future For MLS
De Rosario's Late Spark
Bradley's 'Dad Academy'
United Finds A Point In Costa Rica
Soccer's Fixture Fatigue
Bin Hammam's 39th Game U-Turn
MLS Rejects Down Under
Rangers' Chairman Criticizes Sectarian Fans
Chelsea: The Debt Is All Ours
Section 2 Around the Net - Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2008
Bruce Arena's Unenviable Task
Portland Struggling With Paulson's Proposal
Pachuca Homing In On The Valley?
UEFA Could Ban Clubs In Debt
Ferdinand Says FIFA Weak On Racism
Scudamore Won't Let Go Of His 39th Vision
Vancouver Lobbies The Don
U.S. Creeps Up The FIFA Rankings
Full UEFA Cup Group Draw
Section 2 Around the Net - Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2008
Fall Is New York's Time To Fall
Klinsmann's Job Guarantee
Houston To Miss Out On Beckham Again
U.S. Happy To Be Back At RFK
Former Seattle Players Back Schmetzer, With Reservations
Blatter dashing hopes of USA 2018?
Triesman Warns Of Danger In English Clubs' Debt
Kinnear: Attitude The Key To Road Success
Nicol: We Need To Get Sharp
Kreis: The Ball Is Round
Section 2 Around the Net - Monday, Oct. 6, 2008
Dismal D.C. Utterly Lost
New York Lacking Drive
Checketts: Stadium Will Make RSL Profitable
Strong Defense The U.S. Backbone
Goalkeeper Jailed For Seven Years
RSL Happy Enough With The Point
Nicol: We Almost Stole It
Too Little Too Late For TFC?
'They Are The Champions'
Wizards Inching Along
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