• A roadmap for U.S. women's soccer emerges from Olympic failure
    Questions that needed to be asked outside of back-channel whispers may finally be asked by people who are no longer star-struck.
  • El Salvador rises with help from up north: Hugo and Gerson Perez eye World Cup qualifying
    Progress under Hugo Perez, whose son Gerson serves as an assistant, has accelerated El Salvador's revival project.
  • Amid the Gold Cup final festival: Mexico's fans celebrate, cope and hope
    For many El Tri supporters, game day is an all-day event of costuming, food and mutual celebration of family, friends and fans.
  • The magnificent 1996 Olympics: USA seized the Games to propel women's soccer
    Women's soccer drew huge crowds three years before the more famous USA-hosted 1999 Women's World Cup.
  • USL Academy League connects youth to pros with flexible pathway
    The USL Academy League is designed to allow complementary relationships. Players may continue to compete with other club teams or schools.
  • Crazy for Football: a documentary about a team with a difference
    A few years ago, psychiatric patients from all over Italy showed up in Rome to try out for a team that would head to Osaka.
  • Tomas Romero: The remarkably rapid rise of LAFC's young goalkeeper
    The Georgetown champion's ascent at LAFC wouldn't be happening if he'd not made a decision that's been somewhat mischaracterized.
  • Alecko Eskandarian on MLS youth, American players moving abroad, and growing up a Cosmos kid
    MLS's Director of Player Relations/Player Development arrived to the league's front office after an extraordinary range of soccer experiences.
  • Nightmare in Tokyo
    After Wednesday's 3-0 loss to Sweden, Vlatko Andonovski described the result as "a bit of a shock," but the outcome wasn't entirely a surprise.
  • Kyle Martino sets new goals -- from the ground up
    It took Kyle Martino a week to move from a dejected, defeated U.S. Soccer presidential candidate to an excited entrepreneur, ready to put his ideas into action.
  • NASL Memories: The fan who caught Pele the night that soccer came of age
    Paul Charles went to the game with his father and younger brother, delighted at the opportunity to see Pele.
  • Trailblazer Lauren Gregg adds a new chapter to her storied career -- and hails her mentors
    Lauren Gregg was the first female assistant coach for a U.S. squad and first female to lead a team to the NCAA Division I final four.
  • 'What Happened to the USMNT' book draws many conclusions from a handful of games
    The problem with the U.S. men's soccer team, authors Steven G. Mandis and Sarah Parsons Wolter strongly imply without saying directly, is not necessarily a lack of technical skill and tactical savvy
  • The Best of the Euro: Month of magnificence ends with deserving champ, our Best XI, top 10 games, and off-field winners
    Italy, a squad bursting with varied talent, multiple characters and collective spirit, garnered the sympathies of neutrals.
  • Plain and simple -- England deserved its win over Denmark
    Preposterous is the notion that the foul shouldn't have been called because Sterling is apparently "looking" for the foul.
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