• Big Brother, robot and soccer businesswomen highlight Exhibit Hall
    The United Soccer Coaches convention's Exhibit Hall is always an exhilarating and bewildering place to be.
  • U.S. Soccer should retreat from youth soccer
    It's time to trust the clubs to create their own roadmap and to allow for more regionalization.
  • Texan teen playmaker Marcelo Palomino aims to break through with Tab Ramos-led Houston Dynamo
    One of the more intriguing stories of the upcoming MLS season will be the debut of Tab Ramos as coach of the Houston Dynamo.
  • Can you market 'authenticity'?
    The major soccer event may have passed you by, but last week Eintracht Frankfurt opened an office in Manhattan.
  • Julio Serrano on advocating for Latino coaches in the USA
    Julio Serrano was appointed Chair of United Soccer Coaches' Latino Coaches Advocacy Group in October of 2019.
  • Avoiding Qatar proves not so difficult after all
    No matter how old and cynical I become, I'm still naive enough to hope that the world may become a better place.
  • 'The Selling of Women's Professional Soccer': Valuable insight delivered by an embedded author
    Rachel Allison addresses balancing the traditional youth player-and-parent market with the 21st century idea: marketing to those who are single and childless.
  • USA building a 'Paralympic' pipeline as competition for disabled players changes
    The national team here is the 7-a-side soccer team, also known as the Paralympic soccer team, which plays CP Football.
  • Ed Foster-Simeon on the U.S. Soccer Foundation's 'mini-pitch' progress: 'Transforming the USA's soccer landscape'
    U.S. Soccer Foundation was created after the 1994 World Cup to distribute profits from the tournament to further the growth of the sport in this country.
  • Soccer Books of the Year, 2019, Part 5: a dream betrayed
    The first 10 years of Andy Woodward's life were just as they should have been for a young lad.
  • The Time it Takes: Beau Dure's 'Reality Check' delivers a provocative and balanced primer to soccer's story in the USA
    The intelligent effort and fighting spirit that changed the USA's mind about soccer and led it to the cusp of becoming a major American sport met these goals with impressive speed.
  • Soccer Books of the Year, 2019, Part 4: Pictorial Pleasures
    For soccer fans of a certain age, the past is a place where things were always better, even when they were worse.
  • Soccer Books of the Year, 2019, Part 3: Women Tackling Power
    There's a heart-breaking passage early on in the autobiography of the Nigerian-born British striker Eni Aluko.
  • U.S. Soccer in transition: A thank-you to Glassdoor, and move into the 21st century
    U.S. Soccer House, U.S. Soccer's headquarters since 1991, is actually two houses, both mansions.
  • Coach Paul Ratcliffe on winning at Stanford, Sigi Schmid's influence, and an Argentine connection
    Stanford's 2019 Women's College Cup final victory over North Carolina marked the third national championship for the Cardinal since Paul Ratcliffe became head coach in 2003.
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