• When East meets West
    By beating San Jose 2-0 at the Meadowlands Sunday, New York further tightened a logjam atop the Eastern Conference standings and tilted more sharply the balance of power toward the Right Coast.
  • Chivas USA redefines itself
    How tough a battle has it been for Chivas USA to carve out an identity in Southern California?
  • Blank Sunday for Home Teams
    The two MLS Sunday matches offered the second- and third-place teams in each conference a chance to take over the top spot by winning, and in both cases, the home-field advantage meant nothing.
  • Galaxy is playing its role perfectly (badly)
    Well, after a week of routs and upsets, flameouts and comebacks, who's to pick on in MLS? The weak have become stronger, the traditionally strong are stumbling yet far from beaten, and those in the middle are where they are on merit.
  • The 'everybody does it' defense
    Revs coach Steve Nicol let loose a bitter tirade against referee Baldomero Toledo after he punished a clumsy tackle by Jeff Larentowicz with a straight red card in the seventh minute of New England's 4-0 loss at Chicago last week [VIDEO]. Nicol ranted after the game, claiming such tackles don't warrant reds anywhere else in the world.
  • A brilliant beginning to season 13
    I know we're only two weeks into the 13th MLS season, and declaring detections of trends at this stage is a fool's game, but I do see glimmers of a subtle yet critical phase in the maturation of America's soccer league.
  • The warm weather league - for now
    As poor crowds in Chicago, New England and Columbus for their opening games indicated, MLS isn't anywhere near ready to move toward a schedule modeled along European lines.