• Scorers push MLS to the brink
    The glow on Kenny Cooper's face lit up his corner of the MLS All-Stars locker room as he and his teammates decompressed after beating West Ham United, 3-2, at BMO Field Thursday.
  • MLS expansion contradicts its ambitions
    More than one MLS general manager or team executive has expressed concerns that for all the proclamations that MLS wouldn't repeat the mistake of the NASL, in more than a few cases it has done exactly that.
  • Picking the All-Star lucky seven
    By design or luck, MLS officials can account for every league team when seven additions to the 2008 All-Star Team are named Tuesday.
  • MLS clubs need firepower for SuperLiga
    One of the scenarios plaguing MLS teams as they struggle to match their Mexican league counterparts is being played out on the eve of SuperLiga 2008, in which four teams from each country compete for a $1 million prize.
  • Salt Lake plagued by Kreis' blurred vision
    The pieces are in place for Salt Lake City to join the growing cast of MLS cities offering fans a decent product in facilities that range from adequate to superb.
  • Some MLS dates, and rules, make no sense
    The contract guarantee date has come and gone, yet not all MLS players still employed are assured of being paid in full for their 2008 services. This is just one more topic for the MLS Players' Union to address as it bargains for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, to take effect for the 2010 season.