• When old friends meet
    He's just one piece of the puzzle, yet what the playoff picture looks like at the end of the season is sure to be framed around forward Scott Sealy and many players like him.
  • Crowded schedule muddles playoff chase
    To the perplexing task of predicting which MLS team is best suited to running the gauntlet of playoff matches that determine the league champion can be added yet another variable: attrition from yet another competition.
  • One more look at the Ruiz deal
    We all have our opinions about the Carlos-Ruiz-to-Toronto-so-Galaxy-can-sign-Eddie-Lewis deal, so here we go.
  • Why has USA been passing on Cooper?
    Many folks are a bit puzzled as to why U.S. coach Bob Bradley didn't pick FC Dallas forward Kenny Cooper for the qualifier in Guatemala City on Wednesday.
  • Galaxy needs Arena, and vice versa
    He may yet wind up as coach of the Los Angeles Galaxy, but Bruce Arena does have loftier goals to fulfill sooner or later in his life.
  • Is D.C. losing its winning identity?
    For more than a decade, D.C. United has prided itself on being the flagship of not only Major League Soccer, but of Latin-style soccer.
  • How American Stars Return
    Let's hope that the return of Pat Noonan to MLS, albeit to the Crew instead of his former employer New England, turns out to be a win-win.
  • Bonus bickering clouds SuperLiga final
    According to MLS Players' Union executive director Bob Foose, the decision by New England and Houston players to share their portion of the prize money for contesting the SuperLiga final Tuesday night is a direct response to MLS blocking an attempt by team ownership to pay separate bonuses.
  • How bad is the Galaxy?
    The trend of recent results is good news for fans in several MLS cities, and a worrying development to those who follow the Galaxy.
  • Image of SuperLiga Tainted
    In a Q&A with comedian and Seattle Sounders FC minority owner Drew Carey, he was asked to describe SuperLiga in five words or less. He replied: "More Money for Mexican Owners," which was clever and funny but not altogether accurate. The tournament is generating money for MLS and its marketing arm SUM, but is also reviving the ill feelings and poor sportsmanship seen before when Mexico's national team loses to the USA.