• Get in the game
    Fans in Toronto, Washington, D.C., San Jose, Chicago and Columbus and a few other MLS cities are proving one tenet of the league that too many critics ignore; as good as soccer on TV can be, it is a sport that is best experienced live with a team to root and cheer and live and die for.
  • AEG and AC Milan set for Beckham showdown
    At a family function - the xxth birthday of my mom's best friend, I am forbidden to supply specifics - over the weekend I got a few questions to the effect of, "So, what are you writing about in the soccer world?" To which I responded, "What else?" The saga of David Beckham in America, now more than two years old, just won't go away as the Galaxy stubbornly tries to avoid not only financial losses, but public embarrassment.
  • Angel sets DP bar very high
    I hope not just the executives and officials of MLS, but the fans and journalists who follow the league, are paying close attention to the offseason goings-on regarding Designated Players as the high-priced option comes into its third season of existence.
  • Maryland United?
    Should officials of Prince George County - that's in Maryland, by the way - reach agreement with D.C. United and MLS to build a stadium, as is being discussed, fans might want to nickname it "FedUp Field."
  • Columbus is still the right call
    Now that it seems conditions for the USA-Mexico Hexagonal opener on Wednesday will be cool and wet rather than frigid and bitter, there's been more questioning of U.S. Soccer's decision to stage the match in Columbus.
  • Why not soccer telecasts for soccer fans?
    A bit of a furor arose the other day when word came out that no longer will MLS coverage on the ESPN family of networks be confined to Thursdays, but rather be spread amongst several days of the week.
  • Longer loan would suit Donovan and MLS
    Like his Galaxy teammate David Beckham, Landon Donovan says he wants to stay in Europe.