• All-Stars shine brightly in a sunlit summer
    Maybe this is the summer, crammed with games and tours and competitions and scheduling conflicts, in which the philosophies of Major League Soccer and its marketing offshoot, Soccer United Marketing, came into clear focus through the blur of activity.
  • Schedule Congestion Beyond Critical Point
    Additions and subtractions to the MLS All-Star team that will face Everton Wednesday at Rio Tinto Stadium (ESPN2, Galavision, 9:30 p.m. ET) are removing much of the luster that is supposed to emanate from one of the league's showcase events.
  • League products face toughest test: Mexico
    Despite its recent dominance over Mexico, the very idea that the USA could beat its southern rival in a competitive match, or any match, without its top players was ludicrous. It may happen this weekend.
  • Running the rule over World Cup candidates
    Not for declaration and certainly not for vindication, here's a rundown on the status of certain MLS players as they vie for spots in the 2010 World Cup squad of 23.
  • Winning is only solution to L.A. soap opera
    Monday is the first day David Beckham will train with the Galaxy since leaving on his self-created long-term loan deal to AC Milan, and already he's playing the victim.
  • Wizards and Rapids bemoan fluffed opportunities
    Player absences and summer heat notwithstanding, can anything be gleaned by last weekend's results, when teams aspiring to join the top-tier clubs and playing at home couldn't beat said members of the elite?
  • Chances to step up a product of Gold Cup absences
    Nightmare though it may be for MLS coaches, the Concacaf Gold Cup is a rich vein of opportunity for players and fans.