• The keys to making a profit
    During a conference last week, MLS Commissioner Don Garber pounced on a chance provided when asked of his frustration regarding the lack of progress on a stadium project for D.C. United.
  • What to look for on Saturday
    At a Quakes training session Friday a colleague asked me if it felt like the MLS season started a month ago, and reflecting on all the CBA stuff I'd read and written during that time I felt compelled to agree, with a caveat.
  • Players union didn't 'cave,' it gained
    Is "greater freedom of movement" the same as "free agency?" I would say not, but judging by the spin spun by MLS and subsequent coverage of this critical facet of CBA negotiations, these terms are one and the same. MLS did an excellent job of equating the two ...
  • Donovan can be game-changer in union talks
    Can the magical presence of Landon Donovan loosen the impasse that MLS and the MLS Players Union can’t seem to extricate themselves from?
  • An icon goes down: Beckham's American legacy in doubt
    Like it or not, David Beckham is still the only soccer player who moves the sports media needle in the United States.
  • Commissioner Garber on mediator, CBA talks, and Donovan
    It's not surprising that joy and relief emanated from the American soccer community upon hearing the news a week ago that federal mediator George H. Cohen would join the CBA negotiations between MLS and the players union.
  • One date change means nothing
    The on-going negotiations, or lack of same, on a new collective bargaining agreement by MLS and the players' union have prompted the league to push back the date by which teams must be roster and salary-cap compliant.