• New stars on display
    A full slate of eight games is on tap for this weekend as recently acquired players get the feel of new teammates and a new league. Here are a few plot lines to follow ...
  • All-Stars who won't play but have earned the pay
    An All-Star Game, even one dosed with some competitive spice as per the MLS version, is an exhibition, plain and simple. Yet those selected to play Wednesday at Reliant Stadium in Houston will face Manchester United, which in its two North American appearances so far has showed flashes of its elite Premier League status as well as typical preseason warts on fitness and cohesion.
  • Summer shopping gives league a midseason boost
    Contrary to popular belief, the second half of the MLS season began Thursday, and not in late June when the league resumed play following a 15-day World Cup break.
  • Henry another sign Red Bull is getting it right
    In the next few days there will be all manner of comparisons regarding the signing of French striker Thierry Henry, whose tenure with MLS and New York Red Bull officially began Wednesday.