• Euro 2012: Russia tops power rankings
    The first eight games at Euro 2012 produced one surprise -- Denmark over the Netherlands -- several good games -- Spain-Italy, in particular, stood out -- and lots of end-to-end action. The finishing touch was often lacking, as evidenced by the 2.5 goals per game average, by most teams except lethal Russia, No. 1 in Soccer America's Euro 2012 Power Rankings.
  • Captain Keane credits 'Il Trap' for Irish rebirth
    Los Angeles Galaxy forward Robbie Keane, Ireland's all-time leading scorer, will captain the team Sunday when it opens the European Championship against Croatia. An estimated 20,000 fans are in Poznan for the game, and Keane credits Ireland's 73-year-old Italian coach, Giovanni Trapattoni, with building support behind the team.
  • Euro 2012 Preview: France gets nod in Group D
    PREDICTION. 1. France, 2. England, 3. Sweden, 4. Ukraine.
  • Euro 2012 Preview: Spain is Group C favorite
    PREDICTION. 1. Spain, 2. Italy, 3. Croatia, 4. Ireland.
  • Klinsmann's men go for points
    The tinkering won't stop, but along with aiming for the final round of Concacaf World Cup qualifying, the U.S. jumps into competitive play for the first time since Jurgen Klinsmann took over as head coach last summer with matters to be addressed.
  • Euro 2012 Preview: Germany gets edge in Group B
    GROUP B PREDICTION. 1. Germany, 2. Netherlands, 3. Portugal, 4. Denmark.
  • Canada could be on the rise
    A new president and increased Canadian representation in MLS has former players and coaches hopeful the country can get back into the hunt for a World Cup slot.
  • Euro 2012 Preview: Russia favored in Group A
    PREDICTION. 1. Russia, 2. Poland, 3. Greece, 4 Czech Republic.
  • Rating the best Americans in 2012
    With six 2012 friendlies in the books, Soccer America takes a look at the ratings compiled so far by those players chosen for the Concacaf World Cup qualifiers that kick off Friday.
  • USA fades in embarrassing scoreless tie
    I've never doubted that Jurgen Klinsmann, the worldly soccer man that he is, might help the USA reach a higher level. But his emphasis on improving the fitness level of American players, of teaching them how to eat right -- that always struck me as peculiar.
  • When Canada dominated the USA ...
    The USA carries a 14-game unbeaten streak into Sunday's game against Canada in Toronto (TV: NBC Sports Network, Univision Deportes, 7 pm ET). It hasn't lost to Canada in a full international in more than 27 years, but there was a time, in the days of the NASL, when Canada dominated its North American rival.
  • U.S. players naive? Really?
    The U.S. national team's players just fell off the turnip truck is the impression you might get from Jurgen Klinsmann's post-Brazil game comments and from the media echoing his sentiment that "Maybe we're still a little bit too naive ..."