• MLS midweek crowds give cause for concern
    There's enough positive momentum and steady progress to believe that MLS has 'arrived,' whatever that might mean, but a look at attendances from the first heavy midweek schedule tamps down the giddiness.
  • What MLS refs got wrong and right
    It's been another rough week -- counting last weekend's games -- for MLS referees, yet as always, there's been plenty of well-warranted criticism but painfully little praise to those who deserve it.
  • MLS crunch time comes early
    The MLS season that started earlier than any other is already starting to pile up the pressure.
  • MLS Power Rankings: Montreal & Houston edge past Galaxy
    Top-ranked FC Dallas sat out the weekend as every other team in the top tier changed positions.
  • Signs of progress spotted in scoreless tie
    Many of the evil forces that have plagued MLS since its inception converged on Thursday night, but for once the harbingers of doom didn't have their way.
  • Rogers still retired, so can we all relax?
    As regards Robbie Rogers and his future as a soccer player, or not, can we all just give it a rest?
  • MLS in Libertadores Cup makes sense only in theory
    So let me get this straight: there are people in favor of MLS teams competing in the South American club championship, the Copa Libertadores?
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