• Mastroeni's journey takes a new direction
    While he was recovering from post-concussion issues a year ago, Pablo Mastroeni referred to his extended layoff from competitive soccer as a "journey within a journey."
  • Teams set to wheel and deal as Re-Entry Draft draws near
    This Thursday, Major League Soccer holds the first phase of its fourth annual Re-Entry Draft, and there's great uncertainty regarding how much player movement the two-stage process will generate.
  • Sporting KC joins the ranks of flagship franchises
    Both finalists were intensely deserving of lifting MLS Cup, so one can't begrudge Sporting Kansas City its title.
  • Well, it could have been worse, but not by much
    First impressions from the 2014 World Cup draw as filtered through the U.S. prism
  • MLS Cup Preview: Real Salt Lake rates edge in positional comparisons
    There's a lot more to a championship game than the matchups of players, individually and collectively, but running down the teams position-by-position does highlight strengths and weaknesses.
  • Sporting KC comes full circle by hosting MLS Cup
    Back in April, long before Sporting Kansas City battled through a season that would eventually match it again against playoff nemesis Houston, Graham Zusi hedged a bit speaking about the importance of reaching the MLS Cup title game.
  • Real Salt Lake, the makeover team, makes it all the way to final
    None of those words matter to Real Salt Lake, where the 'r' word that counts is Results. It can cap off a remarkable season of recovery (!) by beating Sporting Kansas City in the 2013 MLS Cup championship game on Saturday. Regardless of the outcome, however, RSL has proven that by shrewd management and patience a team need not suffer indefinitely in the wake of significant change.
  • MLS's future: Garber with the long and short of it
    MLS Commissioner Don Garber didn't have much news to report in Tuesday's MLS State of the League address from Google NYC, but the Q&A with media and fans that followed provided a fascinating insight into where he thinks the league is going.