• Improved USA stops backward slide
    If the USA didn't take a step forward Tuesday in its fourth friendly of year, at least it stopped a backward slide.
  • MLS exercises in futility
    What kind of impact did MLS's decision to play through the March international calendar have this weekend?
  • Altidore polarizes the soccer world once again
    In the aftermath of a dispiriting 3-2 loss to Denmark, the performance of Jozy Altdiore, with a goal and an assist, didn;t impress everyone.
  • Alashe keeps level head after whirlwind start
    Last week was a pretty good week for San Jose Earthquakes rookie midfielder Fatai Alashe.
  • For long periods, USA looked lost against Danes
    The USA national team took a pair of one-goal leads but still lost, 3-2, to Denmark Wednesday in Aarhus. Well, apparently a 4-4-2 formation isn't the solution for the U.S. national team. Nor is it the problem.
  • Agoos praises Quakes' new stadium and looks forward
    The unveiling of Avaya Stadium on Sunday carried special meaning for ex-USA international Jeff Agoos.
  • MLS must do a lot better, San Jose gets it right
    Week 3 of the MLS season ended on a positive note with the opening of Avaya Stadium -- San Jose's impressive new soccer stadium -- but it can't take away from the fact that it was a ugly weekend for soccer.
  • Busch anxious to revive Fire glory days
    In an age dominated by gargantuan goalkeepers, shorties like Jon Busch stand tall despite their stature.
  • MLS playoff change is premature
    This can hardly be construed as a major misstep, but expanding the MLS playoffs to 12 teams at this juncture is a bad idea.
  • USL's Edwards tells an aspirational story
    Jake Edwards is no different than many of us when he describes himself. "I've always been obsessed with football," the new USL president says. "That's not unusual coming from England."
  • Minneapolis move ratchets up the pressure for Miami
    News broke late last week that MLS very close to approving Minnesota United as its next addition and that's not good news for Miami.
  • David Villa is the toast of New York, Bradley has new outlook
    All the controversy surrounding Frank Lampard's status with New York City FC overshadowed the fact that a bigger international star, David Villa, already settled with his family in Manhattan late last summer and was raring to go.
  • Forty years after Pele came, how Clive Toye sees U.S. soccer
    This year marks the 40th anniversary of Pele coming to the USA to play in the original NASL. The man responsible for bringing O Rei to the Cosmos and changing the course of American soccer history was Clive Toye.
  • Kaka's smashing debut is just the start
    Brazilian star Kaka has launched his MLS career in spectacular fashion, on and off the field.
  • MLS rate of exchange strongly positive for 2015
    Just off the basis of a few games played on the opening weekend of the 2015 MLS season, the rate of exchange is looking good.
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