• USA and Germany share hotel at Women's World Cup -- and much more
    The Women's World Cup participants have pointed out another way in which FIFA treats them differently than the men. Besides having to play on artificial turf, opponents in Canada are sharing hotels.View image | gettyimages.com
  • 'Wow' moments are in short supply so far at Women's World Cup
    I am holding out hope for the 2015 Women's World Cup, but so far, I must admit, I have been disappointed.View image | gettyimages.com
  • Five reasons I'm rooting for France
    France plays Germany Friday afternoon in the must-watch match of the Women's Women's World Cup. Most consider them the two best teams of the tournament, but FIFA in its eternal wisdom placed them on the same side of the bracket in the quarterfinals. I'll let you in on my little secret: I'll be cheering for the Bleues.View image | gettyimages.com
  • A special moment for Robbie Rogers
    More than two years after signing with the Galaxy as the first openly gay player in MLS, Robbie Rogers scored his first goal since 2011. It came on the Galaxy's Pride Night.
  • Women's World Cup: Ranking the final eight
    The Women's World Cup moves into the quarterfinals with two games on Friday and two more Saturday.View image | gettyimages.com
  • Does Jill Ellis have the guts to bench Abby Wambach?
    I remember when Abby Wambach really impressed me. It was during the 2011 Women's World Cup, which she entered with a very uncharacteristic scoring drought -- only one goal in half a year.
  • Tony DiCicco: If USA's scoring comes around, it will not be stopped
    The last time the USA won a Women's World Cup came in 1999 when Tony DiCicco served as head coach. DiCicco, who also guided the USA to the 1996 Olympic gold medal and the 2008 U-20 World Cup, is in Canada as a Fox television commentator. We asked him for his insight on the tournament so far.View image | gettyimages.com
  • Dempsey case: Lessons from the tussle in Tukwila
    In a perfect world, Clint Dempsey would not have been playing on Tuesday. Nor would have Obafemi Martins. The Seattle Sounders will play three MLS games in the next week, so it probably made no sense to use Dempsey and Martins in an Open Cup game, but the Sounders did and they paid the price.View image | gettyimages.com
  • Ecuador women defend the honor of their country
    Defeated three times by combined scores of 17-1 in its first Women's World Cup, Ecuador took strides for the game in South America.
  • Open Cup gets a rip job, several actually
    The Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers had played each other four times in the Open Cup before Tuesday night's troubles at the Starfire Sports Complex.
  • Breaking down the U.S. under-23 prospects
    With the 2013 and 2015 Under-20 World Cups out of the way, the USA will begin in earnest the process of preparing for Olympic qualifying that will take place Oct. 1-13 in four U.S. cities.View image | gettyimages.com
  • Where FIFA gets it right, and the right to dream
    FIFA has messed up a lot of things with the 2015 Women's World Cup, but one thing it got right was expanding the tournament.
  • So far, Jordan Morris has made all the right moves
    To the consternation of many, forward Jordan Morris has not used his U.S. exploits to leap into the professional ranks.
  • How German is Klinsmann's comfort zone?
    The number six jumped out at me when Jurgen Klinsmann released the U.S. starting lineup for Wednesday's game against Germany.View image | gettyimages.com
  • Ten reasons to watch the Copa America
    The Copa America is the oldest international soccer tournament in the world, predating the World Cup by 14 years. It kicks off its 2015 edition on Thursday when host Chile plays Ecuador. The 12-team tournament features some of the biggest stars in the world -- Lionel Messi for Argentina, Neymar for Brazil and James Rodriguez for Colombia, among others -- and competitive balance rarely seen in international competition.
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