• MLS's Best of July
    So much international soccer -- Gold Cup, Women's World Cup, prestigious club friendlies -- was played during July that some great moments in MLS may have been overlooked.
  • We hand out our MLS Midseason Awards
    Can a newcomer win the MVP award? Is the defending Goalkeeper of the Year destined to repeat? And which coach is most deserving of a postseason honor?
  • Soccer's scandals poison Gold Cup playing field
    As a child in the early 1960s, I was a college football fan, or as much a college football fan as I could be growing up in New York.
  • It's time to re-think the MLS All-Star Game
    As the league expands and teams sign more star players, limiting the MLS representation to just one team may not longer serve its best purposes.
  • USA gets reminder the red, white, and blue is not sacrosanct on Concacaf fields
    Defeat to Jamaica in the semifinals changes the U.S. landscape for the next few months. With a one-game playoff looming in October for a spot in the Confederations Cup, what's the new plan?
  • So you think you've been Concacafed?
    The Gold Cup is the tournament everyone loves to hate on, from the refereeing to the travel and playing conditions.View image | gettyimages.com
  • USA has no one cut from Dempsey's mold -- thankfully, his exit is a ways off
    Before bagging a hat trick against Cuba, Clint Dempsey had scored three of the four U.S. goals in the group phase. With the attack apparently rejuvenated the U.S. will have other options as well.
  • New MLS process twists its already labyrinth-like financial underpinnings
    In just over a week, two teams -- Portland and the Galaxy -- have announced deals by which a new resource, Targeted Allocation Money, has been utilized. What are the ramifications?
  • Galaxy breaks new ground with Dos Santos signing
    Is the signing of Giovani dos Santos another example of the rich getting richer in MLS, or at least in Los Angeles?
  • FIFA hearing: Power, politics, the two-choice equation and why U.S. Soccer sells itself short
    According to U.S. Soccer's latest Form 990 return, secretary general Dan Flynn was its second highest-paid employee after Jurgen Klinsmann with compensation of $630,459.
  • Major roster changes reflect concerns over U.S. play at Gold Cup
    Tepid performances in the group phase prompted U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann to bring on DaMarcus Beasley, Joe Corona and Alan Gordon for the knockout rounds.View image | gettyimages.com
  • U.S. Soccer in the Senate hot seat over FIFAGate
    Drip. Drip. Drip. That's the sound, day after day, of new revelations into FIFAGate, the massive bribery scandal that resulted in indictments against 14 FIFA officials and sports marketing executives in May.
  • New York gives U.S. world champions their own parade
    It isn't every day that someone gives you a parade.
  • Targeted Allocation Money joins MLS family of strangeness but it just might work
    Yet another method by which MLS teams can add players and confuse observers has been adopted,
  • Final U.S. women's report card: Steady backline led class
    After the USA's amazing 5-2 final win over Japan, in which it had a 2-0 edge after five minutes and a 4-0 lead after 16 minutes, it's easy to forget that the Americans were slow out of the gate at the 2015 Women's World Cup.
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