• Does the Open Cup final need a home, too?
    Since closing of the U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame building in Oneonta, N.Y,. five years ago, the national soccer governing body has kept its artifacts and exhibits in a warehouse as it searched for a new home. A facility in Frisco, Texas is progressing toward fulfillment and the home of FC Dallas might be a good location to stage the Open Cup final every year.
  • MLS home teams are winning at a near-record pace
    Has the rapid pace of MLS expansion and corresponding increase in soccer-specific stadiums translated into better results for home teams?
  • MLS stars align at just the right time
    September was a crazy month in MLS. Not once but in two consecutive weeks the top three teams in MLS all lost. Of the seven teams with winning records in September, just three -- Montreal, New England and Seattle -- are in line to make the playoffs. Not that it's mattered much.
  • Western Conference race merits attention from all MLS fans, regardless of loyalties
    By expanding its playoff field from five teams per conference to six, MLS has broadened interest to more cities and more fan bases. No Western Conference teams have clinched, and though the top three look secure, there are enough possibilities in play that six teams are realistically in contention for fourth, fifth and sixth place.
  • The case for and against a summer off
    We should know soon enough whether the Copa Centenario goes ahead as planned -- the final two berths are supposed to be settled over the October international window -- and whether the USA will participate in the tournament.
  • My 23 for Mexico
    Just about every U.S. fan is anxious to see who will be picked to face Mexico in the Rose Bowl Oct. 10 in the first, and perhaps only, Concacaf Cup and here's one man's plan starting from scratch, not selecting from the designated list of 35 players already submitted to Concacaf.
  • Fire plagued with questions in aftermath of latest shakeup
    Who in their right minds would be encouraged by yet another shakeup at the Chicago Fire?
  • New York Red Bulls, best in class, but focused on final exam
    The New York Red Bulls might not win the MLS Cup that has eluded them since the league's launch in 1996, but by most measurements they've been the best MLS team in 2015.
  • Slog of frustration weighs on Toronto and Montreal and march to MLS playoffs
    The two MLS teams in eastern Canada are more similar in their situations than their avid fan bases would like to admit and have much work to do before they meet on the final day of the regular season.
  • With all its marketing might, why did LAFC take safe route?
    No longer is a traditional name such as D.C. United an exception in MLS. The trend of using FC and Real and other such terms has accelerated and following suit are the owners of an expansion team in Southern California, who have confirmed its name will be Los Angeles Football Club.
  • Brad Evans: 'Even-keeled heads have prevailed' in Seattle
    Getting into the playoffs hadn't been a problem since Seattle jumped up to MLS in 2009 but this year, the Sounders are battling just to snag a postseason spot.
  • Scandals will be cloud over FIFA -- and soccer -- for years
    As if the current FIFA scandals weren't bad enough, they aren't the first time soccer's house on the hills of Zurich has been awash with scandal.View image | gettyimages.com
  • West is better than East, in some ways
    The Western Conference is regarded as the stronger of the two MLS conferences and a look at the numbers reveals a few intriguing factors.
  • David Nathanson Interview: Bundesliga, soccer's sea change and its growing relevance
    Soccer has come a long way on American television over the last 40 years.
  • Bad day at the office or bad omen?
    Brazil is Brazil, but still a 4-1 thrashing carved deep wounds into the pysche and persona of the U.S. slightly more than a month before its showdown match against Mexico.
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